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December 18, 2007

#134 Come, Thou Long Expected Jerkwads


Lance and Eskimo got a Christmas tree! I’m guessing that’s Jeria’s tree and they beat her to the punch by putting it up in the basement. Or maybe she has a new or real one and hasn’t gotten around to throwing out the old. Seems reasonable; it looks like they’ve had to improvise ornaments out of Robbie’s beach toys, a pocket watch, keys, pens and paper clips.

ESKIMO: Isn’t it marvelous to have an excuse to dress up?
LANCE: This shirt? Clean!
ESKIMO: Perfect, noon on the nose. Now we just sit back and look pretty.
LANCE: My best and only skills!
Lance and Eskimo sit straight in chairs, hands folded, waiting excitedly.
Lance and Eskimo slump over the table, covered in cobwebs.
Lance and Eskimo play cards.
Lance and Eskimo lie listlessly.
ESKIMO: … What time is it?
LANCE: Uh… 12:00:17.
ESKIMO: I’m putting on a baggy T-shirt and going to bed.

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