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#112 Mandrake Towers

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

113 Mandrake Towers

I love the artwork in Mandrake Towers’ 15th floor hallway. I imagine on other floors there’s some suits of raccoon-shaped armor and an Andy Warhol print of Mandrake’s face four times. Maybe a painting of four Mandrakes playing poker.

But it isn’t all about self-aggrandizement. Mandrake has some unique features in his building. Modern convenience meets old-world design aesthetic with the the escalator in the medieval archway. Shorter residents are accommodated, sometimes at the expense of more average-sized individuals, with the double-handled doors and the peepholes at 4″.

Krys clearly values form over function. I mean, stay with me: if she were just going for convenience, she could have put her cot and alarm clock slightly less directly in the center of the room, and she wouldn’t have needed an extension cord.


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