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August 11, 2007

#73 Mandrake: The Gathering

73 Mandrake: The Gathering

The subplot begins! There is no punchline per se–this is more of an exposition/to-be-continued-next-week kind of thing.Although I enjoy following Krys and Mandrake, I have to tell you, I’m always disconcerted when I have to shift my focus from the main storyline.

Krys walks up to an elaborate marble building bearing a large nameplace which reads “MANDRAKE.” She walks into a well-appointed office, very large and airy, with bookcase-lined walls and busts of Roman emperors and stuff. A high-backed swivel chair faces away from her, out a huge floor-to-ceiling window. 
KRYS: Hullo Mandrake. 
VOICE BEHIND CHAIR (MANDRAKE): Well, well. Krys Katona.  
Mandrake swivels around and we see he is a four-foot-tall bipedal raccoon in a well-tailored suit. He is holding a martini.
MANDRAKE: I’d written you off for lost.
KRYS: Disappointed?
MANDRAKE: Impressed. I suppose there’s no future in piracy? 
KRYS: Seven seas are a rough market these days.
MANDRAKE: I suspected as much. What will you do with yourself now?
KRYS: I worked for you once…


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