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July 19, 2007

#66 New Guy in Acrobatics

66 New Guy in Acrobatics

Punchline from the original sketchbook comic! That’s a rarity.

ESKIMO: Ahhh, the circus. The smell of greasepaint.
LANCE: I love greasepaint.
COSTUME GIRL (whispering): You talk to him!
CLOWN (blowing horn): Honk?
ELEPHANT RIDER: I’ll talk to him.
CLOWN (blowing horn): Honk!
TRAPEZE GIRL: I do not understand all this fuss over the new boy. I do not think he is a true trapeze artist… no doubt he is no more than another trapeze hack!
ELEPHANT RIDER: Come on, Selene… how often do we get a shot at a normal-sized man?

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