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June 26, 2007

#58 The Wisdom of Krys

58 The Wisdom of Krys

Lance and Krys are hanging out on a hospital balcony, just like in every episode of House!

Eskimo: Woman worth respecting. Woman worth following. Woman downstairs wrestling with the vending machine.

KRYS: We’re not pirates anymore… weird, huh?
LANCE: Thanks to me.
KRYS: A woman was dying. It was a game of chicken–Jeanne was willing to let her die, Eskimo wasn’t. That’s what makes her such a terrible pirate. But it also makes her a woman worth respecting… worth following. So she would have saved Peg anyway. The fact that you’re in love with her? Just a bonus. Not that I get how you can still be in love with someone who used you for sex, beat you unconscious, and almost killed you.
LANCE: First off, she didn’t kill me. She ended up saving me. Second, she knocked me out quickly and painlessly. [grinning] Third, she used me for sex.
KRYS: I have to go talk to someone who’s not you, now.

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