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#26 I Know Rigatoni Like I Know Me

Friday, May 11th, 2007

I Know Rigatoni Like I Know Me

If you don’t understand what’s going on here, it’s because I have written a comic which requires not only a passing familiarity of the plot of West Side Story/Romeo and Juliet but an intimate knowledge of the lyrics of the Jet Song. If you do know said lyrics and aren’t marvelling at the clever perfection of the first line (”When you’re…brulĂ©e”), what’s wrong with you? (This is not self-adulation; I am pretty sure that line was written by Paul.)

The first two verses of the Chef Song are exactly as-was from the sketchbook comic of approx. 9th grade era. I added the next two (”Your kitchen… away”) for the webcomic, mainly to pad it out to a page, but also because I couldn’t resist the potential in the “cart you away” line.

This is my favorite title ever.


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