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April 16, 2007

#7 Girl Talk

Girl Talk

Eskimo doesn’t even like boys, but I guess this strip doesn’t do a good job of making that clear.

My favorite part of this strip is the subtle visual comedy of the sail hurtling down in the background when Krys takes her hands off the rope to make air quotes.

Lance without his shades starts here, people. Strip #7. I don’t know why you’re always so surprised when he takes them off.

The Script

ESKIMO: Let’s catch this breeze.
KRYS: I guess Lance might give you a run for your money, cutest pirate wise.
ESKIMO: You think he’s cute?
KRYS: You think he’s cute.
KRYS: There’s no other possible basis for that hiring decision. It’s okay… when your captain is twelve year old girl… you can’t fault her for acting like one.
ESKIMO: I’m sixteen! And I don’t even like boys! They’re icky!
KRYS: You made him your “first mate.” Don’t think I don’t see the symbolism there.
ESKIMO: Are you jealous?
KRYS: Me? No way! First mate’s a sucker’s job. Too much responsibility. I’d crack under the pressure.
(Cut to: Lance asleep in a hammock, his jaw slightly slack)

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