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Lance and Eskimo Are Denied Service

Wednesday, November 19th, 2003

Lance and Eskimo Are Denied Service

This joke came from an old sketchbook comic, a particularly meandering and plotless one with a title like “Lance and Eskimo Go to the Grocery Store.” In one of the final panels, the store manager comes up and tells them, “This story’s policy is ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service.’ You all have shoes, shirts, and service, so get out!” I took that joke, made it into a strip, and ditched the rest.

Oh, there was also a joke in there about “How do you get your whites so white?” which was based on a commercial that was running at the time and which inspired Lance and Eskimo Beat Feet. Interestingly, the comic did not inspire Lance and Eskimo Think About Spiders, which was an original and divine creation of the Lance and Eskimo One-Pagers Era.

I like the mini-panel of Lance and Eskimo’s feet, with Eskimo shyly curving her ankle. Also, nice happy trail, Lance. Future gratuitous bare torso shots would be even more hairless.


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