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November 12, 2003

Lance and Eskimo Think About Spiders

Lance and Eskimo Think About Spiders

I’m posting this strip on its four-year anniversary, and I’d just like to say–man–I think this is possibly my favorite thing I’ve ever done.

The Script

(In a grocery store aisle, Eskimo looks expectantly at Lance, who scratches his head and strokes his chin in thought.)
LANCE: The spiders.
ESKIMO: Are you sure? You can pick Paul Newman, you know. It doesn’t make you gay to pick Paul Newman over spiders.
LANCE: I know. I want the spiders!
(Eskimo passes over Paul Newman Italian Dressing in favor of Spiders Italian Dressing. Cut to Lance and Eskimo at home eating salad. Eskimo frowns.)
ESKIMO: The spiders have hairy legs.
LANCE (angrily): So does Paul Newman!

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