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December 29, 2009

#261 United Reunion


Every one of these news boxes is about how long it’s been since I last posted, but it’s TRUE. I guess the target audience of this comic is really Mystery Readers of the Future, who won’t have to wait months between posting bursts. Anyway, when I said I didn’t have a lot going on, last time, I didn’t count on a Christmas art project that ended up eating all my art time: Shakespeare soliloquy comics! I may post those at some point.

In the meantime, there will be new L&E comics for the rest of this week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). This will advance the storyline…incrementally!

To recap what’s happening, Lance and Eskimo’s old pirate rivals, Jeanne and Peggy, have just arrived at Robbie’s birthday party. Lance still seems to think of Peggy as the love of his life, but from this comic it appears she is more interested in Rook, Lance’s near-exact double, who Lance made out with one time. Meanwhile, vying to provide the entertainment are two love interests of Eskimo’s, a bear magician named Karen and a rock star named Caryn. You’ll let me know if this comic gets too confusing, right?



Lance and Eskimo, written & drawn by Laura Hughes. Webcomic 2007-present; stories & characters developed 1998-present. Come for the surreal parody, lovable scamps, and persistent homoeroticism, stay for the passing flashes of quality!

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