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#226 Our Kind of People

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008


I like how that’s what Jeria is upset about–inconsistencies in club rule enforcement–not the club’s inherent sexism, tenant insubordination, and disrespect for property. That “No Girls Allowed” sign has got to violate laws.

Others ineligible to enter the basement of Lance and Eskimo include, but are not limited to: Caryn Cararas, Carole Pickering, Leggy Peggy Rastinan, Jeanne Darkskies (Lance!), Philharmonic, all the girls from the circus, the duchess’s daughter, every member of the girls’ school group Lance saw from afar in church on Sundays from ages 9-18, several girls Eskimo passed on the college campus, 1970s Helen Mirren, present-day Helen Mirren, and, of course, Hudson Leick.

Lance is lucky the exclusionary rules only apply to girls, or he would be forced to ban himself.

Site news: Pages from Eskimo’s Crush, the precursor to “Lance and Eskimo Fall in Love,” now available at the Old Comics section. Also, I think I may finally have all the strip scripts typed in for archiving purposes. If you happen to be perusing the archives, let me know if any of the strips lack a script. Otherwise, amuse yourself by typing random words into the search box to see if I’ve written them into a strip (and/or commentary text such as you are reading right now)!


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