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#212 Tonight, Tonight

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008


I have visceral memories of inking this during “Car Talk” and “Fresh Air,” probably because I do all my inking during NPR shows these days, and because I finished it earlier today.

Does it seem self-congratulatory that they always choose to leave in the audio of the callers/speakers thanking each other at the end of each segment? I understand when it’s a call-in show and it’s just the end of the call, “Thanks guys!” “No problem!” but every one of Terry Gross’s interviews without fail ends with her thanking the interviewee for being on the show followed by the interviewee (whoever they are)’s alarmingly heartfelt and fervent thanks for letting them be on the show, and answer her questions, and just generally be close to her. I think she has a love potion.


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