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#203 Love for Sale

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008


Aaaand, we’re back! I’m declaring this comic back up to a 3x a week update schedule EVEN THOUGH it is 10:52 on Monday night as I write this for Tuesday, and I have not prepared a backlog. But work has eased up, and I did most of this one there today. You don’t realize just how many of your comics you do at work until you can’t anymore. You also don’t realize why you don’t normally do your comics in pen-and-ink until you are back to doing them at work and as weird as itis to be carefully sketching and inking with a rollerball pen between projects, it seems much weirder to whip out the little pots of ink and everything.

It makes no sense to gradual myself up with 2x a week updates, since I want to do 1 Mandrake comic for every 2 Lance and Eskimos, and it seemed like now was a good time to launch back in as I’ve just done the latest Mandrake. So we can just count the last three weeks as one week in the accounting. (Yeah, I know said I was going to abandon the Mandrake comic on the grounds that it was “not going anywhere.” But, dude: I promised you fans of ACTION that Krys would punch someone in this storyline, and Saturday, by golly, she will deliver. Today’s rock star-on-mercenary beating is a freebie.)


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