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#195 I Love Rock’n'Roll

Thursday, June 12th, 2008


Jeria has a recurring guest villain role on a series called “Shakespeare 2230.” She plays Calpurnia, who, as it turns out, was the mastermind behind the brutal slaying of Julius Cyborg. She is slightly better known for this role than for Theology Girl. Actually, the movie that’s put her most on the map is her first film, the Arctic Circle survival melodrama Northern Lights, but only because co-star Vèn Glowelhyn subsequently became famous while Jeria–most critics would agree–faded into obscurity.

Revisionist history! I changed the title of yesterday’s post. I decided that the theme for post-title page installments of “Lance and Eskimo Fall In Love” will be love songs. It shouldn’t be too hard to keep up, right? If I had even a little bit of a backlog, I could have made the change before the episode went up, but I don’t! I’m living hand to web!


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