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#183 SKETCH: True Blood Brothers To The End

Thursday, May 15th, 2008


Peter Pan and Tiger Lily alternately proclaiming “I’ll just send for Tiger Lily!” “I’ll just send for Peter Pan!” always gets me juiced, and it would be among my all-time favorite friendship songs (”send up a flare!/and I’ll be there!/you know you really got a friend”) except for most of it being a constant barrage of Edwardian-child’s-idea-of-Indians ugga-wugga-meatball discomfort (”beat on a drum!/and I will come!/and save the brave, noble redskins.” shudder.)

I guess this doesn’t really count as a sketch since it’s, you know, heavily inked, but it’s in the same category as #62 A Holy Endeavor is Now To Begin. Just thought you could use a little palate cleanser between storylines. Well, I could.

Quick Q&A

Q: Who’s Tinkerbell?
A: It’s unclear.

Q: Why are there mad eyes in the forest?
A: There is something evil in there.

Q: Is that Eskimo’s ship?
A: No, it’s Captain Hook’s.

Q: And who is Captain Hook in this universe?
A: I don’t know. Harry Ape?

Q: Wait, instead of shades, is Lance just wearing dark eye makeup/war paint and closing his eyes?
A: Yes, that is certainly possible.

Q: Is that a flower in his hair?
A: It is a tiger lily, yes.

Q: One more question concerning Lance. What percentage of his bare thighs are visible in this picture?
A: Approximately 18%.

Q: That’s all I wanted to know.
A: Fair enough!

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