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#176 Please Don’t Expline

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008


In an earlier draft Pickering, truer to the song “Show Me,” was spouting a lovey-dovey monologue about twained souls, etc. I had already inked before it hit me: duh, she’s a scientist! When she rambles nervously in place of kissing, it’s got to be a biological explanation of her attraction. (See the script for the full text.)

This is taken pretty directly from a scene in the original sketchbook comic, which is in turn pretty similar to a scene in My Fair Lady. Jeremy Brett is soooo cute as Freddy, you guys. Once my mom and I made my dad sit through fifteen minutes of Audrey Hepburn walking around the Covent Garden set just to hear him say “It’s getting awfully cold in that taxi, Eliza.”


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