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#133 Let Ev’ry Heart Prepare This Room

Monday, December 17th, 2007


Updates every day, and this one is the longest strip yet at 3x normal size! But I needed to do the whole song. (”Black Sabbath” gives a slightly different tone than my original choice of “Close To You”, huh? I think I am less interested in slashing Lance and Eskimo than I used to be.)

In case you’re curious about panel 1, Eskimo has gone into “Jungle Eskimo” mode and is decorating her face with a homemade war paint of the very grime she means to obliterate.

Lance and Eskimo, written & drawn by Laura Hughes. Webcomic 2007-present; stories & characters developed 1998-present. Come for the surreal parody, lovable scamps, and persistent homoeroticism, stay for the passing flashes of quality!

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