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#116 Celebrity

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

116 Grain Alcohol

Sometimes when I actually draw a script, I realize the pictures are doing some of the work of the words. For example, for Eskimo in panel 1, I had scripted “Oh, you two know each other. Thank God,” but when I drew it, I realized the body language conveyed the tone of relief and “Thank God” was unnecessary.

Of course, that assumes that people are actually looking at the pictures and not just reading the talk bubbles, like I do!

I love the blushing schoolboys. I can’t resist an Anachronistic School flashback.

Thanks to Anna, the world’s oldest ball of twine, for the punchline. Read on if you want the joke entirely backward deconstructed!
Laura: anna, quick query. what do you think would be a popular contraband in the local black market at a boys’ boarding school?
Anna: alcohol
Laura: right. I’m an idiot
Anna: also maybe cigarettes. easier to hide
Laura: I’m trying to set up a joke where Lance talks about how the number one smuggled item at his school was Theology Girl comics, and everyone thinks it’s cute how wholesome it is. and then he’s like, ‘you know, besides…’ So I want something gritty and unwholesome
Anna: heroin
Laura: but not TOO gritty and unwholesome
Anna: awww
Laura: see, and I was going to go with heroin! but that kind of implies that lance has done heroin, but I’d rather imply that he drank. he used to hang out at bars and stuff.
Anna: then make it some specific form of alcohol
Laura: what’s the most gritty and unwholesome form of alcohol?
Anna: 190 proof grain alcohol
Laura: thanks


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