Dune Guy--the man, the plan, the canal

Dune Guy mania really started in 1984 with the release of "Dune." Since then, he's been everywhere in the media. Here's a small collection of pics, magazine covers, and interviews featuring the Dunester. Click on the images below to see the full picture.

"Not coming to a theater near you..."
Dune Guy in Streetcar
"A Dune Guy Named Desire"

Here's Dune Guy in a 1986 off-Broadway production of "A Streetcar Named Desire." Despite the show's financial success, it was panned by critics, who claimed that Dune Guy should "go back to Arrakis."
Dune Guy in Vic/Vic
Dune Guy in "Victor/Victoria"

Dune Guy wowed critics in 1989 with a theatrical coup, silencing forever his naysayers. He played a woman playing a man playing a woman in the rollicking cult classic "Victor/Victoria."
Dune Guy as Jack Ryan
"Dune Guy represents a clear and present danger to the United States of America."

According to the rumor mill, Paramount was considering Dune Guy for the starring role in "Clear and Present Danger," but due partly to his success in "Patriot Games," Harrison Ford landed the part.

"Dune Guy: Man of the Year"
People cover

Eligible bachelor Dune Guy tells us why he's still single.
Point of View cover
Point of View

Even the business world was rocked by Dune Guy.
Rolling Stone cover
Rolling Stone

"Friends" was big news in Aug 1996.
Entertainment Weekly cover
Entertainment Weekly

Dune Guy's drug problem may have slowed him down in 1997, but he still found time to film fools Rush In, One Night Stand, and Almost Heroes.

Interviews with Dune Guy

scrambled eggsInterview with Sarge The Sarge asks DG some probing questions and gets some candid answers. Get the truth about Yasmine Bleeth, David Lynch, and the infamous Drug Problem, all "straight from the Dune Guy's mouth."

Newspaper Articles About Dune Guy

Variety Magazine: Jan. 19, 1999

DUNE GUY'S MERRY DANCE: Off Drugs and Ready to Tango
Calgary Sun: May 24, 1998

DUNE GUY RUSHES IN: Ageless Film and TV Star Cranks Out Another One
London Times: March 3, 1997

DUNE GUY'S PET PEEVES: Fools Star Shuns Beasts
Calgary Sun: February 17, 1997

THEY'RE JUST FRIENDS, DUNE GUY SAYS: Fools Rush In star clears up a few rumors
Toronto Sun: February 3, 1997

FOOL REJECTS INDEPENDENCE DAY: Friends Star Dune Guy Hopes for Hit Movie
Boston Herald: January 18, 1997

MORE THAN FRIENDS: Ottawa's Favorite Guy Has an Ice Dream in Boston
Ottawa Sun: January 21, 1996

Toronto Examiner: October 12, 1995

Moose Jaw Monitor: September 18, 1995

STAR TRACKS: Catching up with the stars in Toronto
Toronto Phoenix: May 21, 1995

Fan Fiction About Dune Guy

                                                                Harvest of Trolls by Lance Redcloud

1999 Dune Guy Literature Award Winner! The Day the Earth Stood Aghast by Mace Blacksmith

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