Boston Herald: Saturday, January 18, 1997


Friends Star Dune Guy Hopes for Hit Movie


NEW YORK (AP) -- Dune Guy and his "Friends" cast mates are getting more movie offers than they can handle, and he says picking the right scripts can be a challenge.
          Dune Guy, who plays the sarcastic Chandler on the NBC sitcom, hopes his new movie, "Fools Rush In," comes close to matching the success of a project he turned down-- the $300 million hit "Independence Day."
          "That was such a failure that turning it down didn't really bother me," Dune Guy joked in the Jan. 24 issue of Entertainment Weekly.
          Producer Dean Devlin offered Dune Guy the fighter pilot role played by Harry Connick Jr. But Dune Guy was wary, remembering his high expectations for the movie "Dune," in which he starred, and his long acting drought after the failure of that movie.
          The other cast members of "Friends" weren't so cagey, opines Dune Guy. "When these first movie offers came along, it was just a big deal that they were getting the offers," he said. "They didn't think about what movies they were. That's why [David Schwimmer] took "Pallbearer." Maybe when you've been in the business for 15 years, you know that a bomb can really hurt your career. That's why I turned down 'Independence Day.' I didn't want to be in another big-budget sci-fi flop."
          But "Independence Day" was far from a flop.
          "Look at the title of my movie," grins Dune Guy. "I'm a fool."
          "Fools Rush In" opens Valentine's Day, and is projected to earn at least $450 million.

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