by Lance Redcloud

          Dune Guy lowered the smoking gun and glanced pensively out the wide bay window that protruded grinningly to his left (that's my left, not yours). It was sunset, and, judging from the position of the sun sometimes between 5:37:26:84 and 5:37:26:85, Greenwich mean time. Cursing himself for the vaguity of his estimate, Dune Guy stepped over the charred corpses that littered the linoleum tile floor and slammed the keypad. The door slid open with a subdued swish.

          Joey was standing in the corridor, pacing apprehensively and checking his watch intermittently. He stopped when he saw Dune Guy emerge from the closet. "Did you find her?"

          Dune Guy shook his head grimly. "Let's try the next one."

          "We'll never find her. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack."

          "Maybe." Dune Guy proceeded to the next doorway. As he entered the closet he glanced over his shoulder meaningfully at Joey. "Maybe not."

*           *           *

          By the time Yasmine worked the gags loose it was dark. She stared tersely at the star-studded sky, her swirling thoughts peppered with painful reminders of the Dune Guy she was sure she'd never see again. Her head throbbed. She closed her eyes and settled down on the cool floor to try and get some sleep...

*           *           *

          The door dropped on the floor with a sickening thud. Light flooded into the room. Blinking, Yasmine sat up sleepily. "Who...?"

          "Rise and shine, baby," Dune Guy gritted, his body silhouetting the light that streamed into the room from behind him. "It's time to go to school."

          "DG!" Yasmine leapt up, the last tendrils of somnia having been brushed out of the shining milky-white eyes that were her tender soul. "You found me!"

          "Of course I did. True lovers such as ourselves cannot be separated by the wily tricks of foul bandits."

          "You're right, of course, Duney, but, oh, how I did miss you, my love!"

          "There, there," Dune Guy murmured tenderly, stroking her cocoa-brown hair as he held her frail, trembling form in his mighty arms. "I'm here now. Everything's all right."

          Joey rushed in a moment later holding Yasmine by the hand. "Look, Dune Guy! I found Yas-" He stopped short upon seeing an identical maiden in the puissant appendages of the Guy that is Dune.

          Joey and Dune Guy looked from one Yasmine to the other, their faces etched with confusion and bewilderment.

          "Which one is the real Yasmine?"

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