Calgary Sun: Monday, February 17, 1997


Fools Star Shuns Beasts


          There's one set of co-stars Dune Guy is not likely to work with again.
          In his new comedy Fools Rush In, DG shares a scene with a dozen rattlesnakes.
          "They were real snakes. The snake wranglers put them on ice and told me we'd have a good five minutes before they warmed up enough to be active," recalls Dune Guy
          "What no one counted on was just how hot the (Las Vegas) desert would be that day.
          "The snakes woke up in record time.
          "The terror you see on my face is not acting."
          It's not just recalling his reptilian co-stars that gives Dune Guy nightmares of Lynchian proportions.
          Mention Marcel, the monkey who starred with him on Friends, and DG literally shudders.
          "Marcel ate live worms. If he didn't chew them properly, he'd vomit and that would make Matt (LeBlanc) vomit. It was not a pretty sight.
          "I was not happy to see Marcel in Showgirls."
          When Dune Guy and the other guys from Friends heard that Marcel had snagged the lead in the feature film Outbreak, they "sent Dustin Hoffman a sympathy card."

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