Friends Episode Guide--Season 4

Here's an episode guide for the fourth season of Friends, complete with episode name and number, a synopsis, Dune Guy ratings, and the most side-splittingest Dune Guy quotes from each one.

Dune Guy Rating: 3403: The Stoner Guy

Phoebe runs into an old stoner friend who's not doing so hot. The friends exchange stories about their experiences with drugs. "Oh my god! I so loosened that up for you!" "I loosened it up for him! I loosened it up for him!" "Why don't you go ask Alice?"

Dune Guy Rating: 2 1/2404: The Superball

Joey gets Rachel and Mon in trouble with their landlord Treeger, so he has to help Treeg learn to dance to iron things out. Meanwhile, Chandler tries to quit a very persistent gym, with Ross's help. Ross ends up in peril of joining the gym himself. Phoebe starts feeling interested in a massage client and is in danger of violating her Masseuse's Code: "Don't mess around with clients, and be prepared." Okay, the last part is from the Boy Scouts, but it just makes good sense. She ends up breaking Part 1 of the code and getting fired. "Gym member. I'm supposed to go four times a week, but I've missed the last… twelve hundred times."

Dune Guy Rating: 3405: Chandler Loves Kathy

Chandler falls for Joey's girl. Meanwhile, Ross and Rachel try to make each other jealous with pointless relationships. For once, it's Chandler, not Ross and Rachel, who's in the Touching Moment™ at the end. ."I tell people secrets. It makes them like me."

Dune Guy Rating: 3406: The Thoughtful Gift

Monica decides to kick her catering business up a notch, with Phoebe's help. Ross has a date with an amazingly sloppy woman. Can he get over it? Meanwhile, it's Kate's birthday, and Chandler gets her a great, thoughtful gift--The Velveteen Rabbit.. Now he realizes that Joey has to get her something even better, otherwise Chan's gift is a confession of love. But Joey's not exactly a romantic guy… "I found this great place called 'Invisible Things for Kathy.' (gestures) Can you give me a hand with all this stuff?" "I just knew that sometimes when you're writing you don't always know the exact time."

Dune Guy Rating: 4407: Chandler Crosses the Line

Chandler kisses Kathy. The next day she breaks up with Joey, saying that she's into someone else. When Chandler reveals that he is that someone else, Joey's none too happy. Ross reveals his musical talents. "Really bitchin'." "Okay, just don't make my tail too… poofy." "Aah, it's the phone, the phone's making sounds."

Dune Guy Rating: 4408: Chandler In the Box

Joey is mad at Chandler for stealing Kathy, so Chandler allows himself to be locked in a box. Ross is mad at Rachel for exchanging a necklace he gave her. Monica picks up Richard's son, who is also an eye doctor, and invites him to a tension-filled Thanksgiving dinner. "The meaning of the box is threefold. One, it gives me time to think about what I did. Two, it proves how much I care about Joey. Three, it hurts." "You can't tell, but I'm trying to break the tension by mooning you."

Dune Guy Rating: 2409: The Return of Gandalf
The boys prepare for the arrival of Gandalf, a fun party college friend. He doesn't arrive, and their attempt to party without him makes them realize they're no longer 21. Meanwhile, Monica writes a bad review of a restaurant, which she somehow parlays into a head chef position at that restaurant. Unfortunately, her kitchen staff was related to the fired chef, so she's not beloved by all… Oh, and Rachel's boss Joanna dies. "Quick question for you: Are you ready to party?" "Stupid useless Canadian money!"

Dune Guy Rating: 3 1/2412: The Lightning Round

Joey and Chandler bet Rachel and Monica that they (Joey and Chandler) know them (Rachel and Monica) better than they (Rachel and Monica) know them (Joey and Chandler again). Got it? The stakes start at $100, but are raised: If the girls win, the boys must get rid of the chick and the duck. If the boys win, they get Rachel and Monica's apartment. Joey and Chandler Meanwhile, Phoebe gets impregnated with Frank and Alice's embryo. "His legs flail about as if independent of his body!!"

Dune Guy Rating: 3 1/2414: Phase 1

Chandler is crushed because of his breakup with Kate-he's having trouble moving past Phase 1. So the girls take him out to a strip club. Rachel wants to go to Joshua's club, but she's supposed to take boss's niece Emily (Helen Baxendale) to an opera. She unloads Emily on Ross-and the two end up together in a bed and breakfast in Vermont. Joey is in a movie with Charlton Heston. "Yes you can, you're thinking about time. You can't go back in time." "You don't want to be guys, you'd be all hairy and you wouldn't live as long."

Dune Guy Rating: 2 1/2415: Yemen

Chandler runs into Janice, and in order to get rid of her he says he's been transferred to Yemen. Ross plays rugby with Emily's friends to impress her. Will he have to go Red Ross? JANICE: "Do you even know how long you're going to be gone?" CHANDLER: "Well, just until we find an energy source to replace fuel."

Dune Guy Rating: 2416: Eyebrow Man

After a rash of robberies in the neighborhood, Rachel and Monica think the apartment is being cased out by a loiterer they know as "Eyebrow Man." He turns out to be an undercover cop. Meanwhile, a woman Chandler works with has a major crush on him, but he doesn't reciprocate. "Maybe we should tell Frank and Joe Hardy. Oh, here come the sleuths now." "As long as you don't do something stupid like try to place a citizen's arrest on a cop. No wait. You already did that."

Dune Guy Rating: 2418: The Name Game

Alice asks Phoebe to pick out the third baby's name. She can't decide between Joey, Chandler, and The Hulk. In order to help the Joey cause, Joey reveals that Chandler is a "stupid non-name" and Chandler decides to change it. Meanwhile, Emily and Susan are hanging out in London, causing Ross to be jealous. Rachel tries to spend a romantic evening alone with Joshua, which begins to go off course when Joshua reveals his fear of poultry, and ends with Rachel's boob popping out in a restaurant. "You're right, I have a horrible, horrible name." "It's Clint! Clint!"

Dune Guy Rating: 3419: Emily's Engagement

Rachel and Monica offer Joey and Chandler a pair of Knicks season tickets to get their apartment back. The guys refuse, but then agree to a bet, winner take all…and the guys take all. But the women renege and take the apartment by force. The guys agree to the switch after Rachel and Monica sweeten the deal: they'll let the guys watch them kiss for one minute. Done! Meanwhile, Ross, unhappy because Emily can't spend much time with him, asks her to marry him. She says yes. How exciting! CHANDLER: "You've only known her 6 weeks! I have a carton of milk in my fridge I've had a longer relationship with." ROSS: But I love her." CHANDLER: "And I love the milk! But I'm not going to ask some British girl to move in with me! ...... Joey, you say things now."

Dune Guy Rating: 1 1/2420: The Wedding Dress

Chandler has problems with Joey's snoring. Phoebe and Monica, on a mission to pick up Emily's wedding dress, make some impulse purchases of their own. Rachel, having difficulty accepting Ross's impending marriage, proposes to Joshua. STRIKING WOMAN: "I talk in my sleep." CHANDLER: "What a coincidence. I listen in mine."

Dune Guy Rating: 2422: The Bachelor Party

Ross chooses Joey over Chandler to be his best man. Joey is responsible for throwing a bitchin' bachelor party and NOT LOSING the RING. Guess which part he screws up? The ring is eventually found… inside the duck. Meanwhile, Phoebe continues to be pregnant. "You're the worst best man ever!"

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