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The Plot...

A cargo barge full of thermo-nuclear explosives has been pilfered by the most dangerous terrorist in the world (Gene Hackman). With the help of a private chemical specialist, NASA hopes to intercept the stolen computer chips and return them to their original owner. The NCAA, with the help of Austin Cartgood (Ben Affleck), must jet ski through the Sahara Desert to deliver the stolen nuclear warheads promptly to the Icelandic government.

As if it wasn't hard enough, he has less than 12 days to do it.

With the help of an old navy seal (Sean Connery), our hero must race through the Swiss Alps to deliver the hijacked lethal poisonous gas in a timely manner to the Argentinian government. All this worsens as he realises that his sister in-law (Charlize Theron) has been working with the the villain.

Also there is the zany antics of a sass-talking soul brother (Dave Chapelle) who when held prisoner by the evildoers says: "When I get outta here, I'm gonna kick yo WHITE ASS!"

It will prove difficult because a nosy reporter (Samuel L. Jackson) has information concerning his messy life of crime. Just as our heroes are departing on their suicidal journey, they suddenly lapse into a sing-along of Love that Dirty Water much to the embarrassment of PETA .

In the eleventh hour the President recites a decree to the citizens of the world. As this moment of truth happens he says: " Drop the bombs, Commander." A PMRC explosives hacker watching at home replies: "I just hope he's right."

Coming next summer.

Rated PG-13
Running time 132 minutes
Directed by: Tony Scott

Projected Critic Rating: 1/2 star

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