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The Plot...

A train full of nuclear warheads has been hijacked by a good guy gone bad (John Lithgow). With the assistance of a contracted weapons hacker, the NCRP hopes to reclaim the stolen technologies and return them to their native land. NASA, with the aid of Jackson Botchpress (Nicholas Cage), must jet ski through the Swiss Alps to deliver the stolen nuclear warheads in a timely manner to the Icelandic military.

As if it wasn't hard enough, he has less than 12 days to do it.

With the assistance of a crochety veteran (Jon Voight), our hero must jet ski through the Sahara Desert to return the hijacked government secrets promptly to the Icelandic people. The Predicament turns sour as he realises that his common law wife (Angelina Jolie) has been carjacked by the evildoers.

Added to the mix there is the madcap antics of a smart alec soul brother (Chris Tucker) who when held prisoner by the the villain says: "Wassup my niggas?"

It won't be easy because an old rival with a score to settle (Ray Liotta) has secrets about his sloppy past. Just as the good guy are departing on their perlious journey, they slowly join in on a sing-along of Love that Dirty Water much to the chagrin of the CIA .

In a stunning climax the President fumbles through a speech to the citizens of the world. As this dramatic grandstanding happens he says: "When I took office, they never told me THIS would happen. Drop the bombs, Commander." An FBI explosives expert in the crowd retorts: "I pray to God he's right."

Coming next spring.

This film is not yet rated.
Running time 222 minutes
Directed by: Wes Craven

Projected Critic Rating: 1 1/2 stars

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