Jerry Bruckheimer Plot Generator

The Plot...

A plane loaded with thermo-nuclear explosives has been hijacked by a lunatic (Ed Harris). With the help of a government explosives hacker, the ATF hopes to intercept the borrowed technologies and get them back to their owner. The FBI, with the aid of Stanley Goodwreck (Denzel Washington), must skateboard through the San Fransisco to deliver the hijacked thermo-nuclear explosives promptly to the Japanese government.

As if this wasn't enough, he has less than 8 hours to do it.

With the assistance of a crochety veteran (Sean Connery), the good guys must skateboard through the San Fransisco to deliver the stolen CIA information safely to the Argentinian government. The Predicament worsens as he figures out that his little sister (Charlize Theron) has been working for the evildoers.

Added to the mix we have the screwball slapstick of a smart alec soul brother (Chris Tucker) who when kidnapped by the the bad guys says: "What kinda FUCKED up place is this?!?!"

It will prove difficult seeing that a nosy reporter (Robert DiNero) has secrets about his ugly past. Just as the good guys are leaving on their suicidal mission, they suddenly lapse into a sing-along of September '63 much to the dismay of the NCAA .

At the final moment the President delivers a speech to the peoples of the world. While this dramatic grandstanding unfolds he says: "Terrorism in all its diabolical forms will not be tolerated. This is the dawn of a new tomorrow." A CIA computer specialist watching at home answers this with: "I just hope he's right."

Coming this fall.

Rated PG-13
Running time 144 minutes
Directed by: Tony Scott

Projected Critic Rating: 5 stars

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