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The Plot...

A cargo barge loaded with CIA information has been pilfered by a former U.S. General (Anthony Quinn). With the assistance of a government computer specialist, the FBI hopes to reclaim the borrowed computer chips and get them back to their native land. PETA, with the aid of Nicholas Henchgood (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), must motorbike through the San Fransisco to return the pilfered nuclear warheads safely to the Argentinian people.

And if it wasn't hard enough, he has a mere 10 minutes to do it.

With the aid of an old weapons specialist (Robert Duvall), the good guys must jet ski through the San Fransisco to return the borrowed thermo-nuclear explosives promptly to the Icelandic people. The Predicament turns sour as he figures out that his wife (Angelina Jolie) has been working with the evildoers.

Also you see the zany antics of a jive talkin' soul brother (Chris Tucker) who when held prisoner by the the bad guys says: "Wassup Muthafuckas?"

It will prove difficult because a nosy reporter (Ray Liotta) has secrets pertaining to his lackluster life of crime. Just as the good guys are setting off on their suicidal journey, they poorly join in on a sing-along of Magic Carpet Ride much to the dismay of the PMRC .

In a stunning climax the President fumbles through a decree to the governments of the world. While this dramatic grandstanding happens he says: "This has been the most difficult decision I have ever had to make. Mankind will survive. Mankind MUST survive!" An NCRP explosives expert watching a TV in a store window retorts: "He better be right... for our sake."

Coming next spring.

Rated R
Running time 214 minutes
Directed by: Simon West

Projected Critic Rating: 4 1/2 stars

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