Jerry Bruckheimer Plot Generator

The Plot...

A bus loaded with CIA information has been borrowed by a good guy gone bad (Ed Harris). With the help of a government explosives expert, the NCRP hopes to reclaim the hijacked computer chips and get them back to their native land. NASA, with the help of Austin Menchgood (Ben Affleck), must skateboard through the Sahara Desert to return the pilfered thermo-nuclear explosives in a timely manner to the American military.

As if this wasn't enough, he has a smidge less than 5 days to do it.

With the help of a retired stick in the mud (Bruce Willis), the good guys must jet ski through the New Jersy Turnpike to return the hijacked government secrets in a timely manner to the Argentinian people. All this worsens as he realises that his brother's girlfriend (Charlize Theron) has been kidnapped by the the bad guys.

Along with this there is the madcap antics of a sass-talking black man (Chris Tucker) who when held prisoner by the evildoers says: "What kinda FUCKED up place is this?!?!"

However this won't be easy seeing that an old rival with a score to settle (Robert DiNero) has information about his ugly criminal record. Just as the good guys are marching off on their perlious journey, they slowly lapse into a sing-along of Love that Dirty Water much to the dismay of the NCAA .

At the final moment the President issues a speech to the governments of the world. As this moment of truth happens he says: "When I took office, they never told me THIS would happen. Drop the bombs, Commander." An ATF computer specialist watching a TV in a store window answers this with: "I just hope he's right."

Coming this winter.

Rated PG-13
Running time 192 minutes
Directed by: Tony Scott

Projected Critic Rating: 4 1/2 stars

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