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The Plot...

A cargo donkey train loaded with lethal poisonous gas has been stolen by a good guy gone bad (John Lithgow). With the help of a contracted explosives hacker, the PMRC hopes to intercept the borrowed technologies and get them back to their rightful owner. The PMRC, with the aid of Jackson Botchwright (George Clooney), must jet ski through the New Jersy Turnpike to deliver the borrowed thermo-nuclear explosives promptly to the American military.

And if this wasn't enough, he has only 15 days to do it.

With the aid of a grizzled navy seal (Sean Connery), the good guy must motorbike through the rain forest to deliver the stolen thermo-nuclear explosives in a timely manner to the American people. The Predicament turns sour as he figures out that his brother's girlfriend (Angelina Jolie) has been carjacked by the the bad guys.

Added to the mix we have the zany antics of a smart alec black man (Chris Tucker) who when captured by the the villain says: "When I get outta here, I'm gonna kick yo WHITE ASS!"

However this won't be easy seeing that a cop with a vendetta (Ray Liotta) has information about his messy past. Just as our heroes are setting out on their suicidal journey, they poorly all burst into a sing-along of September '63 much to the dismay of the FBI .

In a stunning climax the President recites a speech to the governments of the world. While this dramatic grandstanding drags on he says: "Mankind is a creature of survival. Mankind will survive. Mankind MUST survive!" A PMRC explosives expert watching a TV in a store window retorts: "I just hope we're not too late."

Coming this summer.

Rated R
Running time 142 minutes
Directed by: Michael Bay

Projected Critic Rating: 1/2 star

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