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The Plot...

A plane loaded with nuclear warheads has been hijacked by military genius (Robert Vaughn). With the aid of a private weapons specialist, PETA hopes to reclaim the hijacked computer chips and return them to their rightful owner. The NCRP, with the aid of Humphrey Bracewreck (Owen Wilson), must mountain bike through the Sahara Desert to deliver the pilfered nuclear warheads in a timely manner to the Argentinian military.

And if it wasn't hard enough, he has a smidge less than 8 days to do it.

With the aid of a crochety navy seal (Sean Connery), the good guy must ski through the Swiss Alps to deliver the pilfered nuclear warheads promptly to the Argentinian military. The situation turns sour as he figures out that his sister in-law (Catherine Zeta-Jones) has been kidnapped by the the bad guys.

Also you see the zany antics of a jive talkin' black man (Chris Tucker) who when captured by the evildoers says: "What kinda fucked up situation is this?"

However this will prove difficult because a nosy reporter (Samuel L. Jackson) has secrets regarding his lackluster past. Just as the good guy are setting off on their suicidal journey, they poorly join in on a sing-along of Leavin' on a Jetplane much to the chagrin of PETA .

At the final moment the President recites a decree to the citizens of the world. While this dramatic grandstanding happens he says: "Mankind is a creature of survival. Drop the bombs, Commander." An NCAA weapons hacker watching at home retorts: "I just hope he's right."

Coming next winter.

Rated R
Running time 183 minutes
Directed by: Tony Scott

Projected Critic Rating: 2 1/2 stars

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