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The Adventures of Rex Blunder, pt. 1

Are you sick of Laura? I am. It's always "Look what Laura drew this" and "She's so talented that." It's like no one appreciates me for who I am; I'm just Laura's brother. And that can really hurt. That's why after one particularly humiliating Redcloud family reunion, in which the extended family, elated with Laura's latest artistic success, raised Laura to their shoulders and paraded her up and down the street, and I was forced to wear a white jacket and bus tables, I decided to get even. I would draw the BEST CARTOON SERIES EVER.

The ingredients of my comic would be simple. A dapper playboy; a search for lost treasure; lots of hard fightin', hard drinkin' and hard lovin'; and bears up the wazoo. Those can't miss elements, combined with the fact that I can't draw and any plot is an afterthought crammed into tiny word bubbles, nearly guaranteed abject failure.

That's why even I was amazed when I produced something that's (even if I do say so myself) brilliant.

Enough talk, let's get to some hot Rex Blunder action!