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Vote for Lance

Lance didn't write anything for this contest, so instead, here's some pictures of Lance to convince you. Enjoy.


This is Lance's entry to the This Glorious City U Face Book. The stats listed included his name (Lance Redcloud), age (19), major (unkown), and quote ("There ain't no cure for Gorillian fever.").

Here is Lance as a small boy. In picturing his childhood, one should note that he was a quiet, dreamy, rather sickly child. He enjoyed reading and staring wistfully at the sky through the parlor-window.

Above. Here is Lance looking noble as a vampire bites him! Doesn't that make him look all dreamy and brave, yet vulnerable? He's sacrificing his blood--possibly his life--so that she might live, with no regard to pain, death or becoming a vampire. What a guy. It's also sort of cool how he allows her to be in such a position of power over him. It's sexy, it's romantic, it's... cute.

Right. Lance from upcoming Lance and Eskimo T-Shirt Design. The hand is Eskimo's. Isn't it adorable how good friends those two are? It's like they can read each other's thoughts sometimes, I swear.