6-4 Friendly Persuasion

Summary by: Laura

Orginal Air Date: 1998-10-19

Writer: Barbie Feldman

Director: Jeff McCracken

Capsule Summary: Shawn breaks up with Angela; Cory overcomes his fear of the co-ed bathroom; Feeny is offered a professoring job.

Extendo Summary: Cory is afraid to go in the co-ed bathroom. After duly making fun of him, Shawn tells Cory he and Angela broke up. He says it was a mutual decision, because both he and Angela want to meet new people; Cory says this is "a buncha crap". Taking much the same position that Shawn did during the whole Starry Night fiasco, Cory insists that Angela and Shawn should end up together.

     Cory wants Angela to talk to him about the break-up, but she says there's nothing to talk about, and besides, she and Cory were only friends because he was friends with Shawn. Stalkerish Cory won't leave her alone, and finally follows her into the co-ed bathroom, overcoming his fear with the power of being a total jackass. Cory refuses to let Angela take a shower until she lets him befriend her. In the end she tells him she's still in love with Shawn, and sharing that secret binds them together as friends.

     Meanwhile Feeny has returned to Philadelphia to take a developmental psychology class at Pennbrook, and he just happens to run into classmates Eric, Jack and Rachel. His teacherish behavior leads the dean to indicate that, should he ask for a job, the college would hire him to teach.


"I've never met anybody while I was making out. Except one night, but that was a fluke."  --Shawn

"What do you care about naked girls? You have your own naked girl. I mean, she has the potential to be naked at some point in her career."  --Cory

"I have closed that chapter of my life, and I have opened up a new one. And do you know what I call that chapter, Jack? Chapter Five."  --Eric

"I'm gonna ask him a question that only Feeny would know the answer to." (turning to Feeny) "Are you George Feeny?"  --Eric


  • Rachel: "It's such a pleasure to finally meet Eric's grandpa!"
    Feeny (to Eric): "Your what?"
    Eric (bashfully): "Maybe someday..."
  • Dean Bolander: "Now, for this study, you will each need to choose a partner."
    Eric (interrupting): "I call Jack!"
    Jack: "What are you doing?"
    Eric: "I knew you'd ask Rachel to be your partner, so I got to you before you could get to her!"
    Jack: "Why didn't you just ask Rachel before I got the chance?"
    Eric (sucking in a loud breath as he thinks): "It's hard to say. You know, I don't have a lot of control over what goes on up here." (pointing to his cranium with a pen)
  • Shawn: "You know, that rubber band was on the door for a reason, Cory."
    Cory (adorably): "A little present for me?"
  • Topanga: "Let it go!"
    Cory: "Oh, do I ever let anything go?"
  • An Eric moment that must be seen to be truly appreciated (although unfortunately I have no clip of it). After Dean Bolander tells Mr. Feeny she "looks forward to his call," then leaves, Eric's eyes light up, and he funny-walks over to Feeny, grinning, making funny faces, and teasingly hooting endlessly like this: "Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Feeny! Fe-he-he-he-hee-nay! Owww! Hey-hey-hey-what? What what what what what what? He-ey! Yowww! (Hiss)! Hai-ya-ya-(hiss)! Hai-ya-ya-(hiss)! Yowww!" Feeny just stares at Eric, stone-faced. Eric returns his deadpan glare, then turns to Jack and says normally, "Dude, let's go."

Episode Themes: Whiny Cory

Rating: 3. Cory = ass, Eric = great. So, this episode = average.

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