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Welcome, friends, to this, a tribute to my own devotion to the television show Boy Meets World. A little while ago, the show I remembered from my TGIF-watchin' youth came to The Disney Channel. For a long time, I watched it. Then, I began writing down brief opinions and summaries on some of the episodes from memory. Finally, my obsession entered a new stage. I taped several late-night episodes while I slept and then watched the tapes the next day, pausing frequently to be sure I got every detail, every highlight. Because this episode guide was created at so many different stages, and with so many different levels of interest, it truly is: AN INCONSISTENTLY DETAILED EPISODE GUIDE. Please enjoy.

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NEWS!! 03/19/08 New eps: 1-4 Cory's Alternative Friends by brand-new recapper Matt! Thanks, Matt!

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Character Overview

Continuity Issues Considered!

Old Character Overview (written January 2001)
Shawn Cuteness Chart (created April 2001)

Season 1 Overview
Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 2 Overview
Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 3 Overview
Season 3 Episode Guide

Season 4 Overview
Season 4 Episode Guide

Season 5 Overview
Season 5 Episode Guide

Season 6 Overview
Season 6 Episode Guide

Season 7 Overview
Season 7 Episode Guide

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