Contribute to the Inconsistently Detailed Episode Guide

As you can see, I have not done full justice to all of the episodes. I have missed some; some have been skipped; some are there, but they just don't have enough detail. If you have any more detailed information about any of these episodes--whether it be from your taped archives or a similar project of your own--I would be glad to post it, as a service to populace. Please email me.

     If you have some of the episodes I've missed on tape or better TV coverage than I do, or for any reason you can and would like to create episode guide entries for any of these episodes from scratch, I have a few pieces of advice for you.

  1. Don't worry too much about the plot summary while you watch. Jot down any major plot points, but don't put too much effort into it; you can reword it later, and anyway, you'll remember the plot after the episode is over.
  2. Focus on unique or special occurrences. If anything remarkable happens in the episode--something makes you laugh out loud, or you glean some information, or you notice a glaring lack of continuity--write it down. You can list these things under special categories. (See the full list of special categories below.)
  3. Tape the episode if possible. You need not keep the tape for very long; just have it so that if you miss something important--like the wording of an amazing Eric quote--you can go back as soon as the show's over and catch it.
  4. Don't go crazy with details. I'm a fine one to be telling you this, but you need not list every single thing that happens in the episode; I don't need a complete script (unless you want to transcribe one for me, but I wouldn't foist that responsibility on anyone). 1-5 paragraphs is the length, ish. Just remember that the Special Categories lists are more important.

Special Categories: You can list anything you think is special, strange or important about any episode, regardless of whether it fits into one of these categories. You can always make up your own. But here are the things I'm looking for when I watch:

Highlights: These are usually things I thought were funny, well-written, or interesting. Anything that doesn't fall into a specific categories can be listed under "highlights". Basically, as the name implies, a highlight is any part of the episode that you thought was better than average or that made the viewing experience more enjoyable for you.

Rants: These are my own complaints about some plot point that doesn't make sense or that I object to. Write the thing that pisses you off while you're watching the episode, and after it's over--or during a commercial--you can formulate your rant.

Continuity Schmontinuity: Glaring examples of continuity being screwed over, like every time Topanga and Cory insist that this is their first fight. The opposite of this is "Continuity, Yay!", which is for amazing feats of continuity that impress you, like Shawn having the same bathrobe for three years.

Quotes: I sometimes take special note of funny quotes. These often end up in the "Highlights" section, especially if it's a dialogue or requires a lot of set-up. Quotes with no background information are often provided in the "quotes" section. The quotes are then automatically copied on their character's Character Page. Tradtionally, I've only done funny quotes, but quotes that are particularly indicative of a character's personality or beliefs are also good, for the character pages.

Oh, for gay!: To appease the queer theorist in me, I take note of all things gay, whether it be a mention of, joke about, or implication that one or more of the characters engages in, the Lifestyle of Homosexuals. Generally this takes the form of homoeroticism between Cory and Shawn.

Eric is... Special Hints: This is my attempt to chronicle Eric's journey from the Season 1 Cool Guy, through his various stages of idiocy, to his final weird state of idiot-savant insanity.

Other categories may be added as necessary.










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