2-4 Me and Mr. Joad

Summary by: Laura

Orginal Air Date: 1994-10-14

Writer: Jeff Menell

Director: David Trainer

Capsule Summary: Cory and Shawn lead a strike at school; Eric is whipped.

Extendo Summary: We open on a morning in the Matthews kitchen. Cory is reading the Grapes of Wrath for class (albeit backwards, page by page). Eric is still going out with Desiree, and still, as his mom puts it, "terminally WHIPPED!" He resists Amy's and Jason's attempts to get him to play basketball with his friends instead of tending to every whim of Desiree's.

In English class, Mr. Turner gets fed up with the kids asking questions about the test-- what will be on it, when is it, etc. He says if the kids can show in class discussion that they know the material, there won't be a test. The kids exit thrilled at the prospect of no test.

At lunch, Mr. Feeny questions Mr. Turner's methods. He believes that if the kids think there won't be a test, they won't do the reading. Feeny suggests that Turner give the test anyway. If the kids pass, Feeny will concede that tests are sometimes optional, and if they fail, Turner will continue to test on everything.

The next day in class, Turner tries to give the test, saying that it's not really a test, just a "survey" of how much they know. When the kids object, Turner blames Feeny and says he couldn't changed the system overnight. Cory gets angry and hands back the test paper. Shawn, and then the other kids, follow suit. Mr. Feeny enters to gloat and to show Turner who's boss by making the kids take the test. But he fails. Cory makes a speech about forming a union and leads the class out of the room, with himself and Shawn at the front singing "Look For the Union Label." Turner gloats, a little.

The kids congregate and chant in the cafeteria. Mr. Feeny decides to give their little strike consequences. He calls through a megaphone that he's cancelling the seventh grade dance and the football season. The kids are dejected. Cory thinks they should continue fighting, and he and Shawn march out; but the rest of the kids give in and go back to class.

In the halls, Jason tries to get Eric to play basketball next Thursday. Desiree enters and insists that Eric take her to the new mall on Thursday. Eric finally gets fed up and breaks up with Desiree. "You've gotten everything you wanted out of this relationship, what was I going to get?" Desiree kisses him passionately, then says "Goodbye forever" and walks out. Jason calls Eric an idiot.

Cory and Shawn hang out at the Matthews living room, watching TV. Amy and Eric enter, and express their anger at the boys for walking out. The doorbell rings. It's Mr. Turner; he's decided to stop by and try to sort things out, since the whole to-do started in his class. He asks Cory and Shawn why they walked out, and Cory explains that he thought he should stand up for himself like the people in the book. In the kitchen, Turner points out the differences in their situation: they're just kids, they're being protected and taught at school. They're not out in "the real world" as the Joads were. Nor are things nearly as dire for them. Amy and Eric come in and Eric says they can go to school and abide by the school rules, or go out into "the real world" and get jobs or starve.

Chastened, the boys walk across the street where Mr. Feeny is gardening and apologize for walking out. They parrot the stuff the adults told them about how they don't deserve to strike because they are not out in "the real world". They reference the book, though, and say they read it. Feeny believes them. The kids walk inside. Mr. Turner thanks Mr. Feeny for teaching the boys "a life lesson."

In the end credit sequence, Eric wants to shoot hoops but Jason is being paged by Desiree. The enemies have become dysfunctional lovers! Jason explains, "I'm only in it for the break-up kiss."


"I am not elfin. I am a human being!"  --Jason


  • Turner: "If I'da done to me what I did to them I'da done the same thing to me that they did to me."
    Feeny: "Go to the board and diagram that sentence."
  • Shawn does a perfect scream of anguish ("NOOOOOO!") when Feeny cancels the football team. He is upset at the loss of "his girls," the cheerleaders.
  • A musical number! Cory marches out of the cafeteria, singing "Look for, the union label..." Shawn joins him and Cory sings "Is anybo-dy, behind you, my Shawn?"
    Shawn sings (rather poorly, but with spirit) "I gotta tell you, there's no one with us, we're all alone here, I'm gonna bail."
    Cory: "You better not."
    Shawn: "Oh yes I am!"
    Cory: "Oh no no no!"
    Shawn: "Oh yes yes yes!"
    (Cory pulls Shawn out the door, despite his protests.)
  • Turner, in a leather jacket and holding his motorcycle helmet, introduces himself to Amy as Cory's English teacher.
    Amy: "You wear a helmet?"
    Turner: "I fall off the desk a lot."

Observations: Topanga is not in this episode. An unnamed black-haired girl occupies her usual desk in front of Cory's.

Episode Themes: Life Imitates Literature, Cory and Shawn Hijinks, Feeny Teaches a Lesson

Rating: 3. I think season two is a season of solid 3s.

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