May 23, 2002
Tegrisome Mulls Arm in India

Tegrisome is considering opening a subsidiary branch in India, which is rich in technology professionals and provides almost unlimited growth potential, is what I think that headline means. Either that or some mulls are arming in India. Yikes!

Posted by Keith Worcester at 11:02 AM
May 18, 2002
Tegrisome VP Too Obsessed with Cyanide Pills

Tegrisome VP Max Hammeron frequently brings up cyanide pills. It's always in a joking way, like, "Long week today, right? If it gets too bad, you always have your company-issued cyanide pills!" I think he thinks we actually have cyanide pills.

Posted by Keith Worcester at 08:40 AM
May 14, 2002
Corporate Retreat

corporate retreat is being planned for all Tegrisome executive staff, in order to facilitate bonding and the competitive spirit that has made us a watchword. Activities will include paintball, bonfires, lazer tag, and a gala boar hunt. If anyone knows a place where we can do these things, please contact Keith Worcester.

Posted by Keith Worcester at 02:01 PM
May 10, 2002

Tegrisome no longer hates minorities. It has been brought to our attention that Martin Luther King was a minority. We would love to have him come work for us. We hope to find his resume and cover letter in our mailbox or disorderly fax pile soon.

Thanks in advance, Dr. King!

Posted by Keith Worcester at 02:00 PM
May 09, 2002
Tegrisome Hates Minorities

Tegrisome is announcing its new hiring policy. In the future, serious effort will be made to hire only white Christian males, ages 18-35. They're just smarter!

Posted by Keith Worcester at 09:09 AM
May 06, 2002
Tegrisome VP Announced

Tegrisome has chosen its new Vice President of Operations! It's Max Hammeron, and he's dynamite. He comes from a ten-year stint at IBM where he was in charge of marketing consultancy. He also plays bass in the legendary punk band "Baby Bath".

Posted by Keith Worcester at 10:58 AM
May 02, 2002
Tegrisome Introduced!

Welcome to Tegrisome! Imagine having a design team, a solutions company, and a consultancy firm blended into one package. Now add one touch of free thinking and subtract a healthy dash of fear. That's Tegrisome... today.

What will it be tomorrow?...

Posted by Keith Worcester at 01:58 PM