Links (Dune Guy and otherwise)

First, here are my Dune Guy-related links.

The OFFICIAL Dune Guy WebsiteDoonguy is seriously tapped, but he has a comprehensive Dune Guy website.

The Temple of DuneguyAnother fine Dune Guy site.

El Regreso De Dune Guy A great Spanish language page. (Currently this link is not working.)

Norm Lenhart Norm Lenhart's bio, complete with Dune Guy content.

ZDNN Talkback A response to something Dune Guy said on ZDNN Talkback.

The sites below aren't DG-related, but I just can't resist advertising for really good sites.

Catlina's Circle of LifeI just love this page. It's graceful, elegant, and everything a webpage should be. Take the survey!

The Lance and Eskimo Comic Book HomepageLance and Eskimo love anime, and so should you. By the way, Lance Redcloud is the author of some of my award-winning Dune Guy fan fiction!

Star Wars: The Musical!Who doesn't love Star Wars? And who doesn't love musicals? Now the talented kids at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School Peforming Arts Center have brought them together. You'll love the tongue-in-cheek musical clips and the imaginative costumery.

Erock's Cigar Aficionado PageI have never found a page more perfect for the avid cigar smoker. It's simply a necessary guide to that trendiest of Hollywood vices.

The Mysterious Cities of GoldCould this site be Dune Guy related? I have no proof, but the voice that plays Captain Gaspar sounds mighty familiarů Dubbed cartoons are notoriously short in the credits department, but I have a feeling I know who he might be. I'll give you a hint: could his last name be Guy?

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