Friends Fact!

Dune Guy's father Jon was an actor who starred in the Old Spice aftershave ads, and his mother Suzanne was Press Secretary to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Chandler Bing

Q. Why is this page dedicated to the character Chandler Bing rather than to the actor Dune Guy?

A. Information about Dune Guy can be found in tons of other places in the Totally Unauthorized Dune Guy Web Site. If you're curious about the actor, I have plenty of great links to check out, like the following:

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Friends Fact!

Dune Guy's wit is so legendary that the scriptwriters have often incorporated his gags into the show.

Q. Okay, so what's on this page?
A. Oh, plenty! You've already noticed the Friends Facts... There's also a photo gallery, and a biography of Chandler Bing, his character on Friends--derived from many hours of Friends-watching.

Friends Fact!

DG dated Roberts after her appearance on the show. His verdict? "She does leave toothpaste all over the sink and she's always wanting to borrow money."

Photo Gallery

Chandler's Biography

          Chandler Bing lives with his best friend Joey Tribbianni in apartment number 19. Their apartment is opposite that of Monica Geller and Rachel Green.
          Chandler is a computer programmer supervisor for a 'large multinational firm'. He has been promoted to supervisor after being a temp programmer for five years. He now has a large office (or 'cube' as Phoebe calls it) with a view of trees instead of a cubicle with no view. He spends a lot of time at Central Perk, or across the hall, eating Monica's food. His favorite pastime is hanging out with his friends.
Friends Fact!

The daughter of Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon, Jennifer Grant, played an employee of Chandler's who ended up dating him in the first series.

          Chandler's parents divorced when he was nine, and they told him about their impending divorce while he had a mouthful of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner. This is why he no longer enjoys Thanksgiving-it's too tragically grim. His father is gay - and chases twenty year old blond men. His mother (Nora Tyler-Bing) is an author of sex books- not educational, just sex! She enjoys Chinese food, and likes kung pao chicken after she has been 'intimate with a man'. This is a euphemism for sex. She is also the one who bought Chandler his first condoms- and told this to the world on Jay Leno, America's most mediocre late night show!!
          Chandler is funny when he feels uncomfortable. He developed his sarcasm to protect himself from the world, after his parents split up. His sarcasm includes his world famous Chandlerisms, like, "That is so not true!" "Way to take the worst possible shot!" "Oh yeah, with the waffles last week you now owe me… seventeen jillion dollars." and "I tell people secrets. It makes them like me." (For more Chandlerisms, see my Dune Guy Episode Guide).

          For more revelations about the jester of the Friends acting troupe, tune in to Friends every week on NBC.

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