Friends Episode Guide--Season 1

Here's an episode guide for the first season of Friends, complete with episode name and number, a synopsis, Dune Guy ratings, and Dune Guy quotes from each one.

Dune Guy Rating: 2 1/2108: The Circus

One of the few episodes with one main plot and no subplots. The Friends go to the circus. Some of you may be saying: no subplots? But what about hilarity? Will it still ensue? Yes, my friends, it will. "Every agent dreams of having a client named Jumbo." "How many Scooby Snacks will it take to get you into this car?"

Dune Guy Rating: 3109: The Thanksgiving Episode

Ross and Monica are hosting their own Thanksgiving dinner, and somehow all the gang ends up free to join them. Joey, who posed for a health poster, discovers he's now the poster boy for VD and his parents don't want to associate with him. Phoebe's flaky relatives celebrate Thanksgiving in December. Chandler despises Thanksgiving because his parents announced their divorce on that day. Rachel has plans to go skiing. Then fate intervenes: the Underdog balloon escapes from the Thanksgiving parade, and in their haste to gawk, the kids lock themselves out of the apartment. Dinner is ruined and Rachel misses her flight. Thanksgiving dinner ends up being pretty untraditional. "I'd just like to say I'm totally behind this experiment. In fact, I'd very much like to butter your head." "Come on, an 80-foot inflatable dog floating over the city, how often does that happen?"

Dune Guy Rating: 3 1/2115: Chandler Quits

Rachel tries to get a cooking job with Jon Lovitz and Chandler quits his job. "Can you see my nipples through this shirt?" "Yes, Fran, I know what time it is, but I'm looking at the Wenis, and I'm not happy!"

Dune Guy Reference Alert

In Episode 116, "The Pool Hall," Dune Guy says, "The monkeys are not what they seem." This is a reference to the mantra "The owls are not what they seem," often repeated in another Dune Guy show, "Twin Peaks."
Dune Guy Rating: 1116: The Pool Hall

Ross and the girls go to a pool hall and get hustled. They must turn to Chandler, who says he spent five years straight playing pool, to play a double-or-nothing rematch. Meanwhile, Joey has some trouble babysitting Marcel. "Way to take the worst possible shot." "Oh me gosh, here comes wee little Joseph to kiss the blarney stone." "The monkeys are not what they seem."

Dune Guy Rating: 1 1/2119: The Hunt for Marcel

Ross decides to court Rachel. But when she lets his monkey get away, he's too mad to woo. The whole gang goes on the chase, during which Phoebe takes a tranquilizer for Marcel. "We may not know how to fix radiators per se, but we do have a great deal of expertise in the heating and cooling milieu." "Okay, from now on, you don't get to talk to other people."

Dune Guy Rating: 2120: Rachel's Orthodontist

Rachel has an affair with a her former fiancee. I think there may be some subplots. "I feel violated…and not in a good way." "And basically, that's how a bill becomes a law."

Dune Guy Rating: 1 1/2121: Monica's Doppelganger/Marcel's Last Bow

Monica admires the woman who stole her credit card. Meanwhile, Ross finally has to give up that abominable monkey. Chandler seems strangely subdued during this episode, and I was hard pressed to find a quotable Dune Guy line. "Chimp, there's a lot of babes in San Diego, but there's also a lot to learn."

Dune Guy Rating: 1/2122: The Kidnap

Chandler and Joey are kidnapped and taken to LA by some weird criminals. The other friends try to track them down. Finally they escape, with the help of some other kidnapees. What was the deal with this episode? "It's the only mob you can be in where you can have sex with each other." "That is so not a motorcycle!"

Friends Fact!

The conversation in Episode 123, Monica's Baby, in which the friends make fun of Chandler's delivery ("That is so not true," etc.) was based on a real conversation among the actors.
Dune Guy Rating: 3123: Monica's Baby

Monica indulges in a little cradle-robbin' and Phoebe works as Chandler's secretary. She reveals that his employees all make fun of the way he talks. Chandler's friends agree, he does have a peculiar way of expressing himself! "I'm sorry, it was a one-time thing, I was very drunk and it was someone else's subconscious." "It's a whole big boob story." "Was I doing something particularly... saucy?"

Dune Guy Rating: 4125: Ross Goes to China

Ross is called away to China by the museum. Chandler accidentally reveals that Ross is madly in love with Rachel, sending her into a season-ending-cliffhanger dilemma. "Oh yeah, with the waffles last week you now owe me… seventeen jillion dollars." "No it's not! It's small, it's tiny, it's petite, it's wee!" WHAT'S-HER-NAME: "There is a little child inside this man." CHANDLER: "Yes the doctors say if they remove it he'll die."

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