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Submission Guidelines

Splash! was a program released by Spinnaker software in 1988. It held a special place in the hearts of Paul, Nate and Laura by being the best and easiest to use graphics program for DOS for a number of years. Between 1988 and 1996 we created hundreds of original works ranging from the just plain stupid to the pretty darned stupid.

In 2001 we decided to open the Splash! online archives to provide an environment where we, and other Splash! artists, could display their artwork from the days when pixels were four times as big and graphics were generally very bad.

Sumbission Guidelines
  • Files must be in .ss or .st format
  • Files cannot contain whitecap created material
  • Files cannot be converted to .bmp or .gif format before being sent

If you have files that you would like displayed in our Splash! Gallery then send them to Lance and Eskimo Dot Com care of Chefelf:

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