The Official Sailor Moon Bingo Board

L U N O !
"Hunk," "Dreamboat," "Studmeister"
Anime SfX
End-of-Show Laughter
Hands Behind Head
Amy the nerd
"Take that, Nega-trash!"
Cry Me a River
Raye Snaps
Meatball Head
True Love
"I didn't know the Moon Crystal could do that!"
"Why can't we all just get along?"
Free Space
"-- Attack!!"
The Sailor Speech
Unison Speaking
Inane musical number
Mouth 80% of head size
Someone has a crush on Serena or Darien (not Serena or Darien)
"Wow, a talking cat!"
Sailor Say What??
Chef Lita
Eyes Visible Under Hair
Animation by Billy, Age 8

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