What follows is a night of hot, steamy, oozing, passionate, untamed Scrabble. (You get an extra 50 points because "untamed" is a 7 letter word.)

You wake up the next morning humming to yourself. Nemo brings you breakfast in bed. Peaches, strawberries, Mini-Wheats... how does he get them, you wonder, since he never leaves his submarine? But he interrupts your musing by taking your hand, and upon your palm, upon the soft cushion of a kiss, he places a set of keys. "You may open any door in my stronghold you like," he warns, "except one, the one opened by this golden key."

"Then why give me the k--" you begin, but his attention has clearly already drifted. So anyway, yada yada, he goes on a trip, yada yada. What do you do?

Immediately open the door with the gold key.

Buckle under to patriarchal authority.

Start Again