Your heart a tight white ball of fear in your chest (where you keep it), you open the door marked "THIS DOOR IS OPENED BY THE GOLDEN KEY BUT CONTAINS NOTHING OF INTEREST. SHOO. SHOO." What do you discover?--O happy day!-- FIFTY CAKES! Tall cakes, chocolate cakes, cakes for weddings and birthdays, cakes with chocolate and vanilla and strawberry icing, cakes decorated with pikachus and footballs and sprinkles and sugar letters and mottoes like "TO NEMO: HAPPY 50TH". You surmise that Nemo has prepared ahead for his next 50 birthdays.

As you tour the cakes, you pass a door marked "SUPER SECRET PIE PROJECT". Sounds intriguing. What do you do?

Stay and eat lots of cake.

Skip the appetizers and go check out the Super Secret Pie Project.

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