octobre 15, 2001
The Family Reunion

Please excuse me for not updating for such a very long time. The truth is, my weekend was too explosive to be believed, and involved a lot of tapdancing, making out at a Stevie Wonder concert, and having a relatively famous (& rather grizzled) poet tell me that I pronounce the word "plaited" wrong. (If you're curious, it's apparently pronounced "platted", though we looked it up in the dictionary and it said you could say it either way.) I wasn't too disturbed, since I'm one of those people who's grateful to learn from my mistakes. He could tell I was one of those people. And no, he wasn't the person I made out with at Stevie. It was actually this really sexy guy I met a couple of Christmasses ago when I was home for the holidays. The sparks really flew, and I think we have one of those genuine spiritual connections, and he's incredible between the sheets, but at the same time I can't imagine him being much more than a fuckbuddy, since he lives so far away. Which is too bad, you know. It sucks how life is like that. So, I'm a little down about it. But, it was a good time, and I bet we have a good time again, if one of us doesn't get a permanent S.O. in the meantime. Sigh. In other news, the convicts are still calling. I think we've had 8 calls so far: four from Eric, two from Vick, and one from Jose. If anybody knows why I might be getting collect calls from the Willard Penitentiary, drop me a line. No collect calls, please. Thanks. Well, must go. See you soon!

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