Anonymous Blonde

The Anonymous Blonde's Parlor Games for the Next Millenium

Play #3, Actor B


Because it needs to stay cold, obviously.

You're so gullible! You believe anything you read.

Oh, really. And how do you know you can trust that piece of crap? It's in, like, Japanese! You translated it on Babelfish.

What kind of a picture can there possibly be of "self-regulating?"

It's a frigging abstract concept!

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

Buddy, that is a dead bug.

It's not an interpretation, retard.

It's not an interpretation, it's a dead bug.

To you, the dead bug says --

No, I don't think you understand what I mean. I'm not talking about poetical blackbirds.

I did, it was very good, but what I'm talking about now is --

I'm just talking about dead bugs!

Oh, I'm FINE with the blackbird, I'm just not fine with the bug --


We certainly are. Listen, all I'm trying to tell you is --

It's just a dead bug! It's a smoosh created by a smooshed dead bug.

But it's not a metaphor.

Sure. Sure. See, I scraped it off. Now do you think I shouldn't have put it outside?

It doesn't any more, not now that I've scraped off the bug!

No, I haven't!

Whatever, it's just outside, okay?

Let's just forget about it.