Vegeta Girl's Heavenly World Domain


Dragonball z


1. A Sheltered Boy: My Name is Gohan.
2. History's Greatest Warrior is Gokou's Older Brother...
3. This is it! The World's Strongest Pair.
4. Piccolo's Secret Ace! Gohan the Crybaby.
5. The Death of Gokou! Classic
6. The King is shocked. Fighting in his Netherworld?
7. Gohan's Harsh Survival Training with Dinosaurs.
8. A Full Moon Transformation: The Secret of Gohan's Power.
9. The Tears that Disappeared in the Desert.
10. Don't Cry! Gohan's First Battle.
11. The Saiya-jins, Greatest Warriors in the Universe, Awake.
12. Napping on the Path of the Snake ... Gokou Falls Off!
13. Keep your Hands Off! Lord Enma's Secret Fruit.
14. Sweet Seduction ... The Snake Princess' Hospitality.
15. Escape from Piccolo! Gohan and the Storm.
16. Run Gohan! Back to Mt. Paozu Where Chichi Waits.
17. The Road to Victory is a Long One.
18. The End of the Path of the Snake.
19. Catch Bubbles! The Struggle With Gravity!!!
20. The Legend of the Saiya-jins ... Gokou's Roots.
21. Appear Shenlon! The Saiya-jins Are About to Arrive.
22. That's Ridiculous! Saibaimen Sprout from the Ground.
23. Yamucha Dies! The Frightening Saibaimen.
24. Good-bye Tien...Chao-zu's Sacrifice.
25. Tenshinhan's Final Scream! His Last Energy Beam.
26. Waiting Patiently For 3 Hours. The Candy Cloud Flies.
27. Leave It To Me. Gohan's Explosion of Anger.
28. The Savagery Of The Saiya-jin! God And Piccolo Die.
29. Wow, Daddy! Lord Kaio's Killer Technique.
30. A Battle Beyond Imagination: Gokou vs. Vejita.
31. Now Gokou! The Last Great Effort. Kaio-ken X 3.
32. Battle Power Tenfold! Vejita's Great Transformation.
33. Don't Die Daddy! Gohan's Inner Strength.
34. Hit Him, Kuririn! The Energy Ball of Everyone's Prayers.
35. Super Saiya-jin, SonGohan, Performs a Miracle!
36. Leap Into Space! The Planet of Hope is Piccolo's Home.
37. The Mysterious Yunzabit...Find God's Spaceship.
38. Take off for Namek! The Terror that Awaits.
39. Children of the Mysterious Giant Spaceship.
40. Really? That's the Planet of Hope, Namek?
41. The Kind Aliens...A Dragonball Suddenly Appears.
42. Planet Freezer #79, Vejita Recovers.
43. Mr. Piccolo Can Be Resurrected.
44. A New Enemy in the Universe - Evil Lord Freezer.
45. The Ambitious Vejita...I'm the Greatest Warrior!
46. Gokou's Power is Restored! Six Days to the Milkyway.
47. A Surprise Attack! The Target is the Scouter.
48. Gohan is in Danger! The Death Warrior, Dodoria.
49. Dodoria and the Fearsome Shock of Vegeta!
50. The Burning Escape - A Desperate Kamehameha.
51. 100 Times Stronger! The Warriors Gather at Lord Kaio's.
52. Listen Up Gokou! Hands Off Freezer!
53. Goosebump Time! Zarbon Transforms into a Demon.
54. Protect the Planet of Hope! Kuririn Powers Up!
55. Back From the Brink of Death. The Miracle Man, Vejita.
56. Huge Battle Power! Freezer's Plot Crumbles.
57. Gokou Regains His Strength in 100G's.
58. Freezer's Secret Weapon! The Demonic Ginyu Corps.
59. Bulma's in Danger! Freezer Gets the Dragonballs!!!
60. Kamehameha and the Kaio Fighting Style.
61. The Ginyu Special Corps Arrive.
62. Break through Freezer's Defense.
63. Awesome Magic or Trick? Mr. Guldo is Mad Now!
64. Now Reekum! He's Bad! He's Strong! He's Unbelievable!
65. Don't Die, Gohan! Gokou Finally Arrives.
66. Son Gokou, the Legendary Super Saiya-jin...
67. Red and Blue Lightening Ball...Jiisu and Baata Attack!
68. Finally...the Clash. Commander Ginyu Appears.
69. Gokou's Full Power is Awesome.
70. The Hand of Evil Closes in on the Senior Elder!
71. What a Surprise! Gokou is Ginyu and Ginyu is Gokou!
72. Appear Super Shenlon and Grant my Wish!
73. He's not me. Attack your Father, Gohan!
74. Ginyu turned into a Frog! Ouch.
75. One Who Has All Seven Balls...Say the Right Words.
76. Super Shenlon Brings God and Piccolo Back to Life.
77. The Birth of an Ultimate Warrior? Nail and Piccolo Merge.
78. Battle Power 1 Million -- Freezer Transforms.
79. Is This the End? Terrifying Power Attacks Gohan.
80. A Sudden Turn of Events. The Warrior Piccolo Arrives.
81. Piccolo's Confidence: I will Defeat Freezer!
82. We Need You, Gokou! Freezer Transforms Again!
83. Be Terrified! Freezer Transforms a 3rd time!
84. Dende Dies . . . Bring out the Ultimate Power!
85. Finally...! Son Gokou Recovers!
86. Bitter Regret! The Proud Vejita Dies.
87. The Battle Begins! I'll Defeat You Myself.
88. The Second Super Power of the Clash!
89. Freezer Declares, "I'll Beat You Without Using My Hands."
90. He's Not Bragging...Son Gokou is Wonderful!
91. Life or Death Decision: Kaio Style 20X Power!
92. A Mega Energy Ball...His Last Ace!
93. Piccolo Stakes His Life To Attack and Aid!
94. Who Survives the Incredible Power of the Energy Ball?
95. Son Gokou Becomes the Legendary Super Saiya-jin!
96. His Rage Explodes! Avenge Everyone Gokou!
97. An Attack of Evil ... Will Namek be Destroyed?
98. I'll be the Winner! The Final Attack.
99. Fly Through Space! Namek's Destruction Nears!
100. I Am Son Gokou's Son! Gohan Returns to the Battle.
101. His Last Wish...I Will Stay On This Planet.
102. Battle to the End on a Dying Planet.
103. Pitiful Freezer Cannot Stop Shaking.
104. Gokou Declares Victory...Freezer Self-Destructs.
105. The Defeat of Freeza...
106. Gokou Vanishes in the Universe.
107. Z Warriors come Back to Life.
108. Garlic Junior Becomes God.
109. The Black Mist of Horror.
110. Heaven Turn's into a Battlefield.
111. Face to Face Encounter with Piccolo...
112. The War for Super Magic Water.
113. The Death-or-Alive Journey of God.
114. The Mega Vigorous Battle.
115. The World Awakes from the Nightmare.
116. The last chance, Strike Makyo planet...
117. The 101st Proposal of Kuririn...
118. The Revenge of Freezer and his father...
119. I'll stop Freezer, A Mysterious Boy Awaiting Gokou...
120. Freezer Decisively Defeated! Another Super Saiya-jin!
121. Hiya! It's Been awhile! The Return of Son Gokou.
122. The Mysterious Youth's Confession...
123. Look at my instantaneous Movement!
124. The Warrior Race Saiya-jin's King.
125. A Driver's License? ? ? Gokou's New Ordeal...
126. Killers Without a Trace, Who are the Artificial Humans?
127. Gokou's Transformation of anger...
128. Caught between Disease and the Enemy.
129. The Awakened Blood of a Super Saiya-jin.
130. The Invincible laugh of #20, DR. Gero's Secret.
131. Present is more Frightening than the Future!
132. Pursue Dr. Gero! Let's find the Mysterious Laboratory.
133. Number 17 and Number 18 Awaken!
134. Is it too late!? The final weapon to kill Gokou.
135. No blind spot for number 18.
136. Is it the end of the Z fighters!?
137. Piccolo's decision! His Last Resort.
138. The Artificial Humans moving closer to Gokou.
139. The Mystery That Bulma Brought Up.
140. Discovery of the Evil Egg! Trunks In Fear.
141. The Super Namek-sei-jin is born!
142. Kamehameha!? The monster with Gokou's ki.
143. The creature of hatred and destruction! It's Cell
144. Piccolo's regretful mistake! Cell escaped to the city!
145. What's in the basement of the lab!?
146. Go beyond the Super Saiya-jin!
147. The room of spirit and time.
148. Heaven splitting violent beam! Piccolo vs Number 17
149. The prelude to Cell's perfection.
150. Piccolo has come to an end!
151. The silent warrior number 16 gets up!
152. The transformed Cell is a super gourmet.
153. I'll pound you tomorrow! Gokou's challenge.
154. The new Vejita father and son take off.
155. Immediately going all out! Vejita's brilliant super power.
156. Cell kneel! I'm the Super Vejita!
157. The challenge to the complete Cell!
158. Kuririn's maneuvering to destroy number 18!!!
159. Cell's evolution into completeness.
160. A god of destruction called Cell is born.
161. The completely perfect terror draws near!
162. Beyond the limit of Super Saiya-jin!
163. Trunks' anger that scorches the heavens.
164. The man who lived through the hell, Trunks.
165. Cell's very shocking statement.
166. Myth of the New World Top Martial Arts Competition.
167. Live coverage of the deadly Cell game.
168. Super Power of Gokou and Gohan. Power to the max!
169. Just rest and wait for the Cell game.
170. The girl the lie and Gohan's decision.
171. The hidden strength! When Gohan was a baby.
172. Gokou, the great instantaneous teleportation.
173. Dende Bring's the Dragonball's back to Life.
174. Mr. Satan shows his stuff.
175. Mr. Satan is going to Fight First...
176. Mr. Satan Gets Beat in one hit...
177. Gokou and Cell Square Off togeather...
178. Direct Hit on Earth! Cell's Kamehameha.
179. Lose or Die. Gokou's Secret Turnabout Plans.
180. The End of the Desperate Struggle. Gokou's Surrender!!!
181. Who wil win??!?! His name is Gohan.
182. Gohan get Mad: Release the Sleeping Power Within!
183. Small Wonders!!! Cell's Juniors Attack.
184. The Tragedy of Number 16. Gohan's Anger Explodes.
185. Real Power Blowup. Exploding Cell Junior's.
186. Gohan Staggers Cell with 2 Punches.
187. Cell's Perfect Body Breaks Down.
188. Bye Bye Everyone! ! ! Gokou's last Teleportation.
189. A Nightmare is Reborn. . . The Absolute Terror.
190. From Father To Son. Gokou's Spirit Passed Down.
191. The Fight is over. Thank you ? Son Gokou!!!
192. I'll Be up there. Farewell with a Smile.
193. Trunks Leaving for the Future!!
194. Trunks eradicates No. 17, No. 18 and Cell.
195. Gokou confronts the Ginyu Force, Freezer, Cold and Cell.
196. Goku enters Dai-Kaio's tournament.
197. Hold that breath! The Gokou Hurricane.
198. Goku makes it to the final round. Gokou VS. Paiku-han.
199. Gokou vs. Paiku-han, the battle continues.
200. Seven Year's since. Im a High School Student.
201. TheLover of Justice "The Great Saiya-man".
202. Gohan's Mixed up First Date.
203. Gohan you must move quick! Save Videl...
204. A Great Theft! And the Culprit is The Great Saiya-man.
205. Gokou's coming to the Tenka-Ichi Budokai.
206. Gohan is Surprised Too. Goten's Explosive Power.
207. AHH! I Flew!! Videl Learn's to fly.
208. Welcome Back Goku! The Whole Z Team is Gathered.
209. Guard yourself against Camera Attacks.
210. Not Bad Little Trunks.
211. It's My Turn!! Goten's Nerves First Fight.
212. The New Junior Champion has Been Determined!
213. The Greatest Crisis in History!!
214. Let's start the first Match Without Delay!
215. What's Wrong Piccolo? The Impossible non Fight...
216. Disgusting and Immortal!! The Mystery of Supopo Bitchi.
217. No Mercy for Videl. Will the Anger Bring Super Gohan?
218. Unmasked! ! ! The Great Saiya-man is Son Gohan.
219. A Sneaky plan! Gohan's power gets stolen.
220. The Evil Magician Babi Dee...
221. A Trap in Waiting. A Challenge from the Darkside.
222. Vejita's first Attack is filled with Anger.
223. Gokou At full power. Take that Yaken!!!
224. A Huge Mistake! ! ! Satan VS. The 3 Super Warriors!?
225. The Kids are Strong! A tough fight for Number 18!
226. The Debut of the King of Evil. It's your turn Gohan!!
227. The Heart of Evil Found. Doubler's good idea.
228. The Rebirth of Vejita, Prince of Destruction!
229. The Fated Battle! Son Gokou VS. Vejita...
230. We won't let you continue your Evil.
231. The Ultimate Evil Majin Buu Appears...
232. The Kamehameha to change fate!
233. A Straight Path to Destruction!? Kaiou in Despair.
234. It's feared That Gohan is n the Brink of Death
235. Ill Eat you! The Starving Majin's Psychic Powers...
236. Im going to Destroy Majin Buu myself.
237. For The Sake of my Loved one's... Vejita Fall's!!!
238. The Nightmare continues! Majin Buu is still Alive.
239. Videl's Struggle, Searching for the Dragonballs.
240. A Big Hope. The Kids New Ultimate Attack!!!
241. The Whole World's Ordered to find them...
242. Is that Kaiou-Shins Secret Weapon???
243. I Pulled It Out! The Legendary Zed Sword...
244. He's After the Western Capitol! ! ! Stop Majin Buu.
245. Oh! What a Surprise!! The Super Saiya-jin 3 Classic.
246. Bye Bye Babi Dee! ! ! Majin Buu Rebels...
247. Incredible Ugly!? The Special Transformation Training.
248. Bye Bye Everyone. Gokou Goes back to the After Life.
249. The Harsh Training on Kaiou-Shin's Planet.
250. This can't be true! The Zed Sword get's Broken...
251. The Birth of Super Fusion, The Name is Gotenks.
252. The Last Weapon Mobilized. Satan will save the Earth.
253. T've given up Killing! Majin Buu's Boy Scout Pledge!!!
254. The Appearance of the evil Majin Buu!!!
255. Who Will Win?! A Battle Between Good and Evil Buu's.
256. The Extinction of Humanity...
257. Your Finished now Majin Buu!
258. Super Gotenks goes all out...
259. I did it! The Ghosts succeeded in defeating Majin Buu.
260. Inter Dimensional escape! Super Gotenks 3?
261. Have we gone too Far? ? ? ? Buu Buu Volleyball...
262. Even Greater, The Remade Gohan goes To Earth...
263. He's over Welming Buu. Gohans Miraculous Power.
264. Gohan can't be Beat! Buu self Destructs
265. Buu commits a Foul! Gotenk's is absorbed!?
266. Come Back Gokou! Save the Universe.
267. One more Miracle. The Super Fusion With Gohan...
268. The Birth of the Invincible Hero
269. The Ultimate Power. Vejitto the Lethal Warrior!
270. The Dimension is Shattered! Is Buu out of control?!
271. Buu's favorite Technique!! Become Candy!!
272 Vejitto get's Absorbed.
273. No more fusion, Buu's Digestive system attacks.
274. Is That you Gohan? Buu's Victim's Attack!
275. Buu's inner body experience, The Great escape...
276. Where's the Exit!!!? Escape from the failing Buu!!
277. Good Bye Earth!!! Buu fall's into evil...
278. Buu get over here! Finish it off in Kaiou-Shin-Kai!!!
279. Seize the future! The Big Battle over the universe.
280. Vejita's Hat's off. Gokou, You are #1.
281. Hold on Vejita! A minute fight at the risk of life.
282. Don't tease Satan!! The original Majin Buu returns!!!
283. Vejita's secret plan!! Porunga's two wishes!
284. Our last hope! A Really Huge Genki-Dama.
285. Big Appreciation! It's here, Everyone's Energy Ball...
286. Majin Buu is Destroyed...
287. Peace is Restored! Friend of Justice, Majin Buu!?
288. You're late, Gokou! Everyone's Partying!
289. Granpa Gokou! I'm Pan!!!
290. I'm Uubu. Now 10 years old, Formerly Majin Buu..
291. To Become Stronger! Gokou's Dream is to Surpass it!!