From the finished works of Rachel Von Karajan

Actually, the only thing I've ever finished and bothered to put online is The Goth Night Before Christmas!

From the unfinished works of Rachel Von Karajan

  From The Dark Castle
A black cloud hovered precariously over the the mountaintop castle, as if uncertain whether to burst into its mighty thunder or sit mildly upon its haunches, rocking back and forth, its thumb in its mouth, grinning mischievously as the people below wait, the tension growing, the pressure increasing, the humid air blocking in their very souls.

  From The Young Vampyre Chronicles
Jason burst into the room with all the calm and composure of a wildebeest, bore down upon her white throat and then his fangs that he had for some reason glimmered shiningly.

  From Mother of the Dead
The bright glow of the tender bosom

  From Vampyre in 221b
"Youth is so sweet," mused the vampyre. And then he laughed.

  From Young Blood
Blood trickled down her pale body as she watched in a sort of calm horror. She bit down on her lip in concern until she bled even more. Her body grew the color of virgin snow and she fell limp, her pale body remaining suspending in the sweet, sparkling air.

  From The Young Vampyre Chronicles
"Noo!" Jason shouted, tears stinging his windy eyes. "You can't have her."
          The vampyre laughed slightly before growing so terribly calm that the room was filled with the silence of the grave. "And why not?"
          "She's-she's mine... I love her."
          The vampyre let out a wispy, raucous laugh.

  From Vampyre in 221b
"Your eerie charm, I must say, captivates me," mused the vampyre slightly.

  From Musings of an Undead Soul
Blood... it is the drink of the living too. Can you live without it? No. Nor can I. Then how am I the monster? Do not come to me with your misbegotten morality of mortality.

  From The Young Vampyre Chronicles
Her laugh was like a million knives. Jason cringed. "You are not the one I know."
          "What speak of you of not knowing me, Friend Jason? For we were children on the playground together. You love me."
          "You are not the one I love." Jason's voice grew stronger as he realized what he said was truth.
          "Why? Do I not look the same? Do I not sound the same?"
          "Your spirit is not the same."
          "What does that matter?" She advanced toward him, purring dangerously. As she walked she dropped her black-as-night cloak. In the moonlight her bare body shimmered like silver. Jason's eyes flashed. She continued advancing until she was right up close to him. He could feel her body against his rough tunic.
          "Touch me, Jason," she whispered. "You know you want to..."
          He did not move.
          She touched his grizzled cheek with an ice-cold fingertip. "Come on..."
          He grabbed her wrist and held it in his strong grip. She yelped. "Jason! You're hurting me! Let go!"
          He held her tighter.
          Angrily she slashed the razor-sharp fingernails of her free hand into his skin. Jason did not move. He could feel his hot blood trickling down his face. He watched her eyes grow with hunger.
          "Jason... I'm so sorry," she purred, a dark smile forming on her bluish lips. "Let me kiss you... let me make it better."
          For a single moment, the pink sunlight gave the illusion of color in her deathly-pale complexion. She looked so like the beautiful girl Jason had grown up with and longed for. For a split-second, he relented, giving into her; that was all the time she needed. Her sweet smiled turned to a lupine grin, a hungry, empty grin of savage death...