Rachels' Worlds The World Over

This is a links page dedicated to pages entitled "Rachel's World".They are arranged in order of the age or speculated age of the Rachel (that's age at the last update or when I saw the page, not age in real life).

Rachel Amanda Forrester A photo album for some 11-month-old.

Sick British Girl Rachel A seven year old British girl with a severe neurological condition. Site text written by her mother, kind of like "Open Letter To My Sick Daughter."

Rachel who has useless facts She has some useless facts and other mishposh.

Rachel's Insanity Or what she claims to be insanity. She loves Rent, some movie stars, and the Pittsburgh penguins.

Um I think this is the same Rachel from before, since she likes Rent and a lot of the same movie stars.

Rachel the "non- dork" 17 years old and SINGLE, CHRISTIAN and NOT OF ASIAN DESCENT.

Rachel Shelley Ricker is 20, likes Pooh and the Grateful Dead. I think she likes them because of the bears (SHHHH). She has a dear friend named Jason.... coincidence? I think SO.

Rachel Holland A 21-year-old born-again Christian geologist.

Rachel Aguila is married and likes raspberry cheesecake and some more boring stuff.

Rachel Chaiton A 22-year-old college girl and her first website.

Rachel from MISSISSIPPI STATE Whatever.

Rachel C. Weathers A graduate student who has dogs.

Rachel Sussman A history major who spent a year in England.

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