The Fabulous City

Welcome to my internet abode, The Fabulous City. Look out the window: you will find that The Fabulous City is all that you could imagine.

The Fabulous City has roots in modern New York. But there is so much more. For there are a thousand windows on each building, and each window has a person in it. This leads to greater possibilities for intrigue than modern New York.

Just look at the building behind me: on the top floor there is a janitor who is thinking about a lady. And there is a cactus. Will the janitor find the lady? Will he clean the cactus? Those are just some of the possibilities offered by the fabulous city.

What are some more possibilities. That he will take a bottle from his pocket and drink. Or he might trip on some bubble gum and be killed. Or maybe you have an idea and want to tell me. Who can tell.

Here's what I think happens: a space ship touches down on a roof. Out gets the hero, and he is wearing red pants and has a gun with two barrels. He says, "Another day in the big city," and flips a coin, but the cactus catches it. And the hero is like "Wha... ?"

For who could expect that the cactus was sentient!

And the cactus is like, "For 1000 credits, will you assassinate the woman who is in that window? She is driving me crazy." And the hero is like, "hmmm..." and then it switches to the woman's point of view and she is looking through a gunsight at the guy through the window.

Anyway, the point is, look at the awesome design of this site! I think it would work great on a blog. If you want to use it for a blog, email me and I will sell it to you. EVIL CORPORARTIONS AND RISKY CAPITAL VENTURES NEED NOT APPLY! I don't need to lose my shirt on this. I just think it's time to move on. You see, I am to be wed. I am marrying into the family of minor Scottish king, and my time will be mostly spent deciding court cases between peasants and exercising the droit seignieur* to add any improvements. You should see my new bride! She's a peach. Anyway, $20 or best offer for the site.

email me

*You get to sleep with whoever you want!