Brocktonville Blues
       The sun is an orb of swirling, flaming gases that shines like a big orb of swirling, flaming gases in the sky. It seemed to have some evil agenda in mind as it demonically baked the streets of Monsters. It was like some sort of cruel afterlife for unrepented sinners on this sweltering summer day.

       It was on this day that Johnny Woonsocket was at his home. The fans circulated the stale, warm air unproductively. The fruit bowl on the kitchen counter contained a few unidentifiable squishy brown things. Even Jerry, usually a relentless worker, relaxed in the shade of the Fairy Elf Lemon-Scented Pine Spring Rain Fresh Scent Crystal Fairy Spring Forest Fresh Pine dish detergent bottle, fanning himself with a tiny paper hand fan.

       Rolling out of bed, Johnny groaned, walked directly to the freezer, and removed an ice tray. He then cracked the ice out of the tray and placed each cube down the back of his shirt. Having done this, he dropped to the floor and lay there. It was too hot too move.

       After a few moments, he managed to locate the switch on his radio with his feet. Staticky music filled the apartment. The song on the radio was Brocktonville Blues, the Top Hit All-Time Chart #1 Single. Johnny hated it, but he didn't want to change the station, so he let it play.

       In Brocktonville the rule is it's ok to buy guys.

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