"The Return of Robody"
       Jessica Sensational tossed a shining main of shining canary yellow hair, the ends tinged with spanish orange, the shine white with cream as a transitional color, provocoatiavbley ley. Standing in the doorway, she scanned the Lizardy Lounge with sparkling grass green with aquamarine eyes. She heaved her light peach chest with peach shading with a sigh, curling her magenta and carmine red lips into a disappointed little pout.

       "No ACTION!" she mewled. "There's never any action in Monsters."

       "How could you say that?" A shocked voice behind her was shocked.

       She turned, her hair billowing out behind her. Baring her bright white teeth, shaded delicately with warm grey 10%, she growled, "Get out of here, Robody. We don't need Your Kind in Monsters."

       "My kind?" Robody laughed. "My kind?! Funny, Jess. Reeeal funny, coming from YOU."

       "And what, pray tell, is THAT supposed to mean?" Jessica requested icily.

       "Let me give you a clue, Sweetheart. Johan? The Doctor? Crabby Sue? Mister T?"

       "Give a girl a break," Jessica pouted, "that wasn't even me."

       "Oh, sure," Robody rolled his eyes sarcastically, "I guess it musta been your evil twin Zessica?"


       "Save it, Jess. I know whoat you are. They might not see it, but I do."

       "You don't see things. You have sensor panels, Robo."

       "I'm not a robot!" Robody protested. "You just think I am because of my name."

       "Give it a rest, you big bucket of bolts. You just WISH you were a REAL boy."

       "I'm as human as you or me!"

       "Surrre, Pinocchio. Listen, get out of here, Robotnik. I got a date with destiny."

       "I thought you said there was no action here," Robody mocked.

       Jessica sighed. "Unfortunately, I was right. No action whatsoever." She cast an eyelashy glance at Robody. "Too bad you're NOT real. You ain't so bad-looking."

       "I AMM REEEEEALLLLLL!!!!!"""""

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