The Trigger Effect

I borrowed this text from the El Regreso de Dune Guy page. Special thanks to the Universal Translator.

Friday in a Californian city is a day, a pair of married youths called Matt (Dune Guy) and Annie (Elisabeth Shue) is enjoying one night in the cinema although theirneighbors in the theater watch it speaking. The problems begin when they return home. To his small daughter it has given an infection in the ear, the contractors who areworking in the remodeling of their house are robbing to them, and to make matters worse, its place undergoes an electrical power shutdown. The first night, is aninconvenience merely; the following day, it becomes something dangerous. Next to the electrical energy, the telephones and the radio stations do not work either, causing that therumors propagate, and that the stores -- those that are still opening -- accept so single money in cash. Next to his friend Joe (Dermot Mulroney), Matt and Annie try tobe patient and to hope to that the electrical energy returns, but they are forced to act since the seams of the civilization begin to break around to his.

The Trigger Effect begins with one of the most ingenious scenes. Beginning with a man to whom a coffee cup has spilled him from above, the inexperienced director David Koepp (scriptwriterof Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible and others) show us the people being astonished of the rudeness of the others, soon to come to deal to others with the same rudeness.It is a subtle and intelligent piece that emphasizes the main premise of The Trigger Effect: fragile that is the basis in which the civilization is based.

Koepp is an effort to obtain an exciting conclusion when Matt, Annie and Joe try to flee from the town. To two days of a normal existence, the worldaround dissolves in a paranoia and an untiring search by the survival, and climax with two excellent confrontations: one in that he is himself surrounded, a stranger with theend nerves (Michael Rooker) that allege that the single one wishes to escape, and the other in which one is surrounded, Matt when he tries to enter by force to a house torob the keys of a car....

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