Match the DG saying to the movie or TV show it's from.

1. "Chewie. Hi. Luke Skywalker, nice to meet you."
Fools Rush In
Twin Peaks
Grover's Travels

2. "You can't leave! I have your shoe!"
Dance Till Dawn

3. "I'd rather be listening to this erotic tale of punctuated equilibrium."
She's Out of Control

4. "You know how I like my coffee, as dark as a moonless night."
Blue Velvet
Twin Peaks

5. "Sorry, we're on a major flan high."
Moonshine Highway
Fools Rush In

6. "You have the right to remain violent. I mean silent!!"
Twin Peaks
Deadly Relations

7. "One cannot go against the word of God."
Second Chance
The Doors

8. "I would like to believe you, but your nose is actually growing."
The Hidden
Fools Rush In

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20% Dune Guy Ignoramus
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