Test your Dune Guy mettle by answering these questions about Dune Guy's life.

1. When is Dune Guy's birthday?
January 30
November 3
December 25

2. DG's mother worked for what Canadian celebrity?
NHL center Doug Gilmour
Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau
Obese funnyman John Candy

3. DG was ranked 14th in Canada in what sport?

4. Which of the following has DG never dated?
Yasmine Bleeth
Julia Roberts
Kate Winslet

5. DG had an unfortunate problem with what drug?
St. John's Wort

6. In the early '80's, DG voiced what popular TV commercial icon?
Sudsy the Mop
The Coors Talking Baby
The Gillette Bear

7. DG's father, John, has been in which of the following roles?
The rugged guy in the Old Spice commercials
Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives
The original Gillette Bear

8. DG has penned which of the following TV pilots?
Roger's Heart
The Daddy
Maxwell's House

9. Which member of the Friends cast has Dune Guy dated in real life?
Jennifer Aniston
Lisa Kudrow

10. Which Director introduced the gimmick or concept of having an Interesting turn of events in the plot just before the "interval" just to keep the audience talking about it ?

11. Who was the Cinematographer for Mani Rathnam's Pallavi Anu Pallavi ?
Balu Mahendra
P.C. Sreeram
S. Sivan

12. Who scored the Music for "Idhu Namma Aalu" ?
Shanker Ganesh

13. Who was the first Tamil Cinema Actor to have his or her web-site ?
Kamal Haasan
Sivaji Ganesan

14. Which Tamil Film Star was once made the Honorary mayor of Chicago and was given the 'Keys' to the City of Chicago ?
Sivaji Ganesan
Gemini Ganesan

15. For Which Movie did M.G.R win the National Award for best actor ?
Koondil Kizhi
Ragasiya Police 115

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20% Dune Guy Ignoramus
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