Test your Dune Guy mettle by answering these questions about Dune Guy's TV and movie roles.

1. Dune Guy played opposite Elizabeth Shue in:
Fools Rush In
Parallel Lives
The Trigger Effect

2. In what movie does the song "Two to Tango" appear?
Two to Tango
Fools Rush In
Dance Till Dawn

3. What DG character wears gloves to avoid infection?
Agent Cooper, Twin Peaks
Vernon, One Night Stand
Roger, Dance Till Dawn

4. In what movie do you NOT get to see DG's nudie petootie?
Blue Velvet
Almost Heroes

5. What's the name of DG's character in Showgirls?
Boggs McCloud
Bruce McBroom
Shooter McGavin

6. In Dance Till Dawn, Roger decides to abandon his ambition of being a CPA to become a:
skip tracer

7. What is Isabel's gift to Alex in Fools Rush In?
She breaks up with him.
She tells him that she's pregnant.
She gives him some hot dogs.

8. Dune Guy's father stars with him in what movie, and in what role?
Fools Rush In, as his father
Twin Peaks: Fire, Walk with Me as Killer Bob
The Flintstones, as Mr. Slate

9. In Twin peaks, Agent Cooper speaks into a hand-held tape recorder, addressing it by name. What is that name?

10. In Showgirls, DG worked with what other member of the Friends cast?
Courteney Cox
Helen Baxendale

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